Astronomy Letters, V. 30, I. 05

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Astronomy Letters
Astronomy Letters -- May 2004 Volume 30, Issue 5, pp. 283-356 A Photometric Study of Faint Galaxies in the Field of GRB 000926 T. A. Fatkhullin, A. A. Vasil'ev, and V. P. Reshetnikov pp. 283-292 Full Text: PDF (393 kB) The Light Curve of Supernova 1987A: The Structure of the Presupernova and Radioactive Nickel Mixing V. P. Utrobin pp. 293-308 Full Text: PDF (503 kB) Dynamics of the Flows Accreting onto a Magnetized Neutron Star A. M. Bykov and A. M. Krasil'shchikov pp. 309-318 Full Text: PDF (260 kB) Pulsating Microwave Emission from the Star AD Leo V. V. Zaitsev, A. G. Kislyakov, A. V. Stepanov, B. Kliem, and E. Fürst pp. 319-324 Full Text: PDF (219 kB) HD 183143: A Hypergiant E. L. Chentsov pp. 325-331 Full Text: PDF (174 kB) Line Variability in the Spectrum of Supergiant alpha Cam A. Kh. Rzayev and V. E. Panchuk pp. 332-342 Full Text: PDF (293 kB) Reproducible Characteristics of the Solar Wind Acceleration N. A. Lotova, K. V. Vladimirskii, V. N. Obridko, and I. A. Subaev pp. 343-348 Full Text: PDF (178 kB) Periodic Orbits in the General Three-Body Problem and the Relationship between Them V. V. Orlov, A. V. Petrova, A. V. Rubinov, and A. I. Martynova pp. 349-356 Full Text: PDF (419 kB)