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Effects of Urbanization and Pedestrian Traffic on Bird Diversity / Derek Decarr (Biology); Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology) -- Bringing Nature Into the Classroom: a Bird-themed Curriculum / Aidan Mabey (Environmental Science) Nyoka Bigsby (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology) -- An Audio Analysis of Urbanization Using Campus Bird Feeder Network / Troy Ellick (Biology); Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology) -- Challenging Invasion: an investigation of the invasive paper wasp, Polistes dominulus, and its native counterpart, Polistes fuscatus, in locally disturbed environs. / Maddie-Blair Wright (Biology); Faculty Mentor: Aaron Haselton (Biology) -- Octopamine Pathways of Polistes dominulus / Jessica Weeks (Biology); Faculty Mentor: Aaron Haselton (Biology) -- Fluorescence Detection of Xenoestrogens Using HPLC / Abigail Fagan (Chemistry); Faculty Mentor: Pamela St. John (Chemistry) -- Differentiating Cognitive Decline from Normal Aging using EBP / Jessica Sternlicht (Communication Disorders); Faculty Mentor: Inge Anema (Communication Disorders) -- The Kaldor-Verdoorn Law in Explaining the Importance of the U.S. Manufacturing Sector / Nuria Fernandez (Economics); Faculty Mentor: Hamid Azari Rad (Economics) -- Factors that Impact Free-Agent Salaries in the MLB / Talal N weiran (Economics); Faculty Mentor: Hamid Azari Rad (Economics) -- Evidence of Employment and Foreign Direct Investment: a Case of the United States / Jose Ignacio Campo Cadenas (Economics); Faculty Mentor: Hamid Azari Rad (Economics) -- Dutch Disease: a Case Study of Azerbaijan / Waheed Alabe de (Economics); Faculty Mentor: Hamid Azari Rad (Economics) -- Climate Awareness Under the Utility Maximization Approach: The Cases of Japan and Indonesia / Emily Vanderpool (Business); Faculty Mentor: Hamid Azari Rad (Economics) -- Household Savings and Social Insurance Retirement Income / Simon Li (Economics/Mathematics); Faculty Mentor: Simin Mozayeni (Economics) -- Problems and Promise: A Preliminary Study on Charter Schools / Jaclyn Greco (Adolescent Education, Mathematics) Faculty Mentor: Kate McCoy (Education Studies) -- Urban Farms in Chongqing: Examining Opportunities and Challenges / Aidan Mabey (Environmental Science); Faculty Mentors: Salvatore Engel-Dimauro (Geography) Melissa Rock (Geography) -- German Environmental Consciousness / Katherine Matus (Sociology); Faculty Mentor: Vanessa Plumly (Languages, Literatures & Cultures) -- The Grotesque and the Uncanny in E.T.A. Hoffmann’s The Sandman / Brianna Best (English Literature); Faculty Mentor: Vanessa Plumly (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) -- Turks in Germany: Contemporary Germany through a Turkish Lens / Nicole Cager (International Relations); Faculty Mentor: Vanessa Plumly (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) -- Seductive German Film during the Weimar Period / Elizabeth Chase (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures); Mentor: Vanessa Plumly (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) -- Past Tense Morphology in Heritage and L2 Speakers of Spanish / Ali Matthews (Linguistics); Faculty Mentor: Oksana Laleko (Linguistics) -- Optical Tweezers: How to Get a Good Trap / Chevonne McInnis (Physics); Faculty Mentor: Catherine Herne (Physics) -- Optical Micromanipulation in Beams with Polarization Singularities / Ann O’Brien (Physics); Mentor: Catherine Herne (Physics) -- Calculation of Torque Exerted on Calcite Crystals by Laser Light through Analysis of Angular Forces / Alexander Ostrander (Physics); Faculty Mentor: Catherine Herne (Physics) -- A View From The Bridge: Costume Design / Krista Arena (Theatre Arts); Faculty Mentor: Andrea Varga (Theatre Arts) -- Set Design for Shakespeare's Julius Caesar / Dana Weintraub (Theatre Arts); Faculty Mentor: Ken Goldstein (Theatre Arts) -- Projection Design for Julius Caesar at SUNY New Paltz / Elizabeth Mallison (Theatre Arts); Faculty Mentor: Ken Goldstein (Theatre Arts) -- Evaluation of 3-D Printed Artifacts from CT Scans / Kyra Nolte (Anthropology); Faculty Mentor: Kenneth Nystrom (Anthropology) -- Iron Age Croatia: Reconstruction of Diet / Jessica Mortensen (Anthropology); Faculty Mentor: Kenneth Nystrom (Anthropology) -- Isolation and Identification of an Antifungal Metabolite Bethany O’Hara (Biology) Stephanie Hanna (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Maureen Morrow (Biology) -- Phototoxicity and Antimicrobial Assays of Heracleum Maximum / John Hoffmann (Biochemistry) Gabrielle Jones (Chemistry) Renato Lúcio De Carvalho (Chemistry) Isadora Maria Vicente Da Silva (Chemistry); Faculty Mentors: Preeti Dhar (Chemistry) Maureen Morrow (Biology) -- Regioselective Electrophilic Addition Reactions of Alkenes as Alkenes as Experiments for the Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory / Melanie Pereira (Chemistry) Julia Heim (Chemistry); Faculty Mentor: Frantz Folmer-Andersen (Chemistry) -- Improved Syntheses of Macrocycles Containing both Trans-1,-2 Diaminocyclohexane and 1, 1'-BI-2-Naphthol and Control Compounds / Edward Deramon (Chemistry) William Rosenkrantz (Chemistry) Faculty Mentor: Frantz Folmer-Andersen (Chemistry) -- Towards Demonstration of Enantioselective Function by Synthetic Macrocycles Containing Trans-1,2-Diaminocyclohexane and 1,1'-BI-2-Napthol Subunits / Adam Noach (Chemistry); Faculty Mentor: Frantz Folmer-Andersen (Chemistry) -- Analytical and Preparative Studies to Enable the Evaluation of Enantioselective Molecular Recognition by Synthetic / Joseph Dunstan (Chemistry); Faculty Mentor: Frantz Folmer-Andersen (Chemistry) -- Facile Ring Opening of Cyclic Ethers Using NaBH4 and I2 / Mackenzie Cummings (Biochemistry); Faculty Mentors: Frantz Folmer-Anderson (Chemistry) Preeti Dhar (Chemistry) -- Does Triggering Students' Interest Make Them Overconfident? / Kyle F. Law (Psychology); Faculty Mentor: Corwin Senko (Psychology) -- Eye Movements in 4-month-olds Viewing Impossible Objects / Julie Planke (Psychobiology); Faculty Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi (Psychology) -- The Impact of Cooperative versus Competitive Board Game Play on Positive Emotion and Vitality / Allison Vaughn (Psychology) Vania Rolon (Psychology) Leah Mancini (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Douglas Maynard (Psychology) -- The Allure of Struggle and Failure in Cooperative Board Games / Joanna Herron (Mathematics/Psychology); Mentor: Doug Maynard (Psychology) -- A Path to College Success: Peer Expectation and Life Balance / Carlyne Hazer (Sociology) Nicole Santa Maria (Sociology) Bridget Clark (Sociology) Daivon Lloyd (Sociology); Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- A Path to College Success: Past Rejection and Engagement / Aidan Morse (Sociology) Ferne Hibbins (Criminology) Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- A Path To College Success: Does Goal Setting Matter? / Sami Nash (Sociology) Barbara Alcime (Psychology) Arianna Williams (Sociology) Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- A Path to College Success: Electronics Inhibiting Communication / Ashley Capone (Sociology) Sabrina Soto (Sociology) Louis Bozzella (Sociology) Mccartney Malak (Sociology); Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- A Path to College Success: Development and Social Skills in College / Kaylee Belden (Sociology) Maggie Babcock (Sociology) Nicole Simonelli (Sociology) Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- A Path to College Success: Emotional Wellbeing and Academic Success / Kayla Pardee (Sociology) Breanna Hanson (Sociology) Matthew Smith (Sociology) Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- A Path to College Success: Responsibility in Work/Academics / Lailaa Cunningham (Sociology) Alyssa Drury (Sociology) Christina Boland (Sociology) Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- A Path to College Success: Self-Identity and Resiliency / Caitlin Reardon (Sociology) Taylor Lesky (Sociology) Natalie Bayrami (Sociology) Kayleigh Madormo (Sociology); Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- Interaction of BHT with BPA in Planaria / Zachary Thom (Biology) Chyanne Dieujuste (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology) -- When Axolotls Metamorphose: the Kinematics of Salamanders that Shouldn’t Walk / Tobin Mathew (Biology) Amy Glazer (Biology) Meredith Eldridge (Biology) Jessica Siconolfi (Biology) Karen Santamaria (Biology) Danielle Sperando (Biology); Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology) -- Investigating the Effect of BPA on the Actin Cytoskeleton / Alvin Mathew (Biology) Christina Jo hnso n (Biology) Josh Jo hnikutty (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology) -- Dissolved Oxygen in Lake Minnewaska after the Introduction of Fish / Bobbetta Davis (Biology) Matthew Farragher (Environmental Geochemical Science) Julia Herten (Biology) Anthony Hollander (Biology) Krista Micelli (Geography) Brian Wilcove (Biology); Faculty Mentor: David Richardson (Biology) -- The Effect of Acidity and Zooplankton Presence on the Growth of Green Algae / Matt Farragher (EGS) Bobbetta D av is (Biology) Julia Herten (Biology) Anthony Hollander (Biology) Krista Micelli (Geography) Brian Wilcove (Biology) Faculty Mentor: David Richardson (Biology) -- Decreasing Acid Precipitation in the Shawangunk Mountains, New York and the Differential Recovery of Lake Acidity / Brian Wilcove (Biology) Bobbetta Davis (Biology) Matthew Farragher (Biology) Julia Herten (Biology) Anthony Hollander (Biology) Krista Micelli (Biology); Faculty Mentor: David Richardson (Biology) -- Relating AFM Force Mapping to Conventional Force Curve Collection on Bacteria / Catherine Mahoney (Biochemistry) Alexa Criollo (Biochemistry) Faculty Mentor: Megan Ferguson (Chemistry) -- Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Study Air Infiltration on a Commercial Building / Ariel Pignatelli (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentors: Kevin Shanley (Engineering) Heejin Cho (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mississippi State University) -- Groundwater Flow Modeling to Assess the Impact of Groundwater on Stream Bank Erosion in the Stony Clove Creek Watershed, NY / Sarah Sansone and Sawyer McFadden (both Environmental Geochemistry) Faculty Mentor: Shafiul Chowdhry (Geology) -- Hydraulic Conductivity of Glacially Derived Sediments in the Stony Clove Creek Watershed, Catskills Mountains / Sarah Sansone and Sawyer McFadden (both Environmental Geochemistry) Faculty Mentor: Shafiul Chowdhry (Environmental Geochemistry) -- Restricted Minimal Face Colorings of Solids / Brandee Williams (Mathematics); Faculty Mentor: Edward Hanson (Mathematics) -- Supersymmetric Darboux Transformations and Wronskian / Simon Li (Economics/Mathematics); Faculty Mentor: Ekaterina Shemyakova (Mathematics) -- Dynamic Templates and Networks: from Hardwiring to Temporal Behavior / Ariel Pignatelli (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Anca Radulescu (Mathematics) -- Mean Field Modeling of Neural Population Interactions / Caitlin Kennedy (Mathematics); Faculty Mentor: Anca Radulescu (Mathematics) -- Modeling Synaptic Control of Obsessive Compulsive Behavior / Joanna Herron (Mathematics); Faculty Mentor: Anca Radulescu (Mathematics) -- A Systems Model of Brain Dynamics in Obsessive Compulsive Behavior / Rachel Marra (Physics); Faculty Mentor: Anca Radulescu (Mathematics) -- Sums of Consecutive Polygonal Numbers / Samantha Wyler (Mathematics); Faculty Mentor: Diego Dominici (Mathematics) -- Partner Insurance: Females May Have a Backup Romantic Partner as a Mating Strategy / Nicole Wedberg (Psychology); Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- "You're Dead to Me": The Evolutionary Psychology of Estrangements / Richard Holler (Psychology) Matthew Chason (Psychology) Vania Rolon (Psychology) Kian Betancourt (Psychology) Brittany Mabie (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- Examining the "Atheists are Jerks" Hypothesis: Are there Really Any Significant Differences between Religious and Non-religious Individuals? / Vania Rolon (Psychology) Lauren Smith (Psychology) Stephanie Padich (Psychology); Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- Working with your Enemy: The Effect of Competitive/Cooperative Gameplay on Altruistic Tendencies in Video Games / Kian Betancourt (Psychology); Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- What If We Never Cut Ties: Estrangements Influence on Counterfactual Narrative / Brittany Mabie (Psychology) Jackie Eisenberg (Psychology) Katrina Lippolt (Psychology) Faculty Mentors: Glenn Geher (Psychology) Tabitha Holmes (Psychology) -- Personality Correlates of Creativity / Elizabeth Levy (Psychology) Kian Betancourt (Psychology) Maureen McCarthy (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- Exploring the Antecedents of Anticipatory Emotions / Robert Arena (Psychology); Faculty Mentor: Maryalice Citera (Psychology) -- Goals Adjustment in Older Persons Maximize Emotional Regulation and Promote Species Survival / Jeffrey Zalta (Psychology); Faculty Mentor: Jacquelyn Berry (Psychology) -- The Effects of Intertrial Primng and Target Certainty on Attentional Capture in Visual Search / Anthony Giorno (Psychology) Cari Marivelli (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Jacquelyn Berry (Psychology) -- Honesty is such a Lonely Word / Joseph Russo (Sociology) Emily Bonnabeau (Sociology) Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- Analysis of Underlying Variables in the 2015 Graduating Senior Survey / Leah Mancini (Psychology); Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology) -- "Career Readiness" for High School Graduates in Ulster County / Micaela Kayser (Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies); Faculty Mentor: Robin Jacobowitz (The Benjamin Center) Kt Tobin (The Benjamin Center) Robert Curran (Ulster County School Board Association)
The Student Research Symposium is an event for the presentation and recognition of student scholarship (both graduate and undergraduate). Students with any major in the university, in any college or school of the university, graduate or undergraduate are invited to participate. All students who have participated with faculty or under faculty supervision -- for example, as part of a senior seminar, independent study, or supervised work -- in original, independent research, critical reviews, laboratory projects or field studies eligible to present their work as a poster presentation.
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