Effects of Labeling

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Quinn, Katherine
Labeling , Teaching Of Psychology , Developmental Disabilities
Labels are used as a way to group people based on similar characteristics. Labeling can be helpful in that it allows one to identify commonalities and apply needed services and treatment, but the negative effects of labeling often go understudied. In this study, the researchers will examine the effects of labeling through the use of a classroom activity. Students, who voluntarily agree to participate following informed consent, will be exposed to two brief video clips each displaying a boy engaging in a problem behavior. One boy will be labeled as having autism spectrum disorder and the other boy described as typically developing. Following presentation of each video, participants will be asked why the child’s problem behavior is occurring and what should be done regarding it. In the next class, the instructor will review the class’s answers to these questions and apply psychological theory relating to labeling. These data will be collected and summarized for presentation.