Reducing Student Isolation: The Development of a Campus Life Model to Improve Retention Rates of Students in Online Degree Programs

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Fassinger, JoAnne
Mott, Molly
Bish, Courtney
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , Virtual Learning Communities , Student Engagement , Student Learning Support , Student Supports
With more traditional students taking online degrees, the needs of online students are changing. Students are now looking for a fuller college experience beyond the usual links to campus resources and services. At the same time, institutions are struggling with the challenge to retain students in their online programs. Both traditional and nontraditional online students are more likely to drop out of their programs than their classroom counterparts due to feelings of isolation. To reduce isolation, campuses must use strategies that strengthen the connection online students have with their peers and their institution. Subsequently, this proposal seeks to increase the retention rates of fully online students through a campus life model that will transform their online learning experience. Engagement strategies, grounded in technology, innovation, and pedagogy, and mapped to the different dimensions of campus life (academic, social, and co-curricular) will be used.
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