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Semiconductors -- April 2001 Volume 35, Issue 4, pp. 371-489 ATOMIC STRUCTURE AND NONELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS The Effect of Various Types of Shallow Impurities and Their Concentration on Microhardness and Photomechanical Properties of Semiconductors A. B. Gerasimov and G. D. Chiradze pp. 371-373 Full Text: PDF (39 kB) Laser Beam Epitaxy of HgCdTe/Si Heterostructures S. V. Plyatsko and N. N. Bergush pp. 374-376 Full Text: PDF (53 kB) ELECTRONIC AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Emission from Hot Charge Carriers during the Formation of High-Field Autosolitons in Electron–Hole Plasma in n-Ge M. N. Vinoslavskii and A. V. Kravchenko pp. 377-383 Full Text: PDF (105 kB) An Analysis of the Shape of a Luminescence Band Induced by Transitions of Free Electrons to Carbon Atoms in Semi-Insulating Undoped GaAs Crystals K. D. Glinchuk, N. M. Litovchenko, A. V. Prokhorovich, and O. N. Stril'chuk pp. 384-390 Full Text: PDF (112 kB) Relaxation Features of the Dielectric Response of Cd1 – xZnxTe Crystals Grown from the Melt I. A. Klimenko, V. K. Komar', V. P. Migal', and D. P. Nalivaiko pp. 391-393 Full Text: PDF (53 kB) Semiempirical Model of Carrier Mobility in Silicon Carbide for Analyzing Its Dependence on Temperature and Doping Level T. T. Mnatsakanov, L. I. Pomortseva, and S. N. Yurkov pp. 394-397 Full Text: PDF (50 kB) Dipole Moments of Ligands and Stark Splitting of Levels of Rare-Earth Ions M. M. Chumachkova and A. B. Roitsin[dagger] pp. 398-404 Full Text: PDF (83 kB) Mechanisms of Incorporation of an Antimony Impurity into Cadmium Telluride Crystals E. S. Nikonyuk, Z. I. Zakharuk, V. L. Shlyakhovyi, P. M. Fochuk, and A. I. Rarenko pp. 405-408 Full Text: PDF (73 kB) A Study of the Electrical and Optical Properties of Si Delta-Doped GaAs Layers Grown by MBE on a (111)A GaAs Surface Misoriented toward the [21-bar 1-bar ] Direction G. B. Galiev, V. G. Mokerov, É. R. Lyapin, V. V. Saraikin, and Yu. V. Khabarov pp. 409-414 Full Text: PDF (267 kB) SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES, INTERFACES, AND SURFACES The Use of the Amphoteric Nature of Impurity Silicon Atoms for Obtaining Planar p–n Junctions on GaAs (111)A Substrates by Molecular Beam Epitaxy G. B. Galiev, V. É. Kaminskii, V. G. Mokerov, and L. É. Velikhovskii pp. 415-418 Full Text: PDF (178 kB) Structural, Luminescent, and Transport Properties of Hybrid AlAsSb/InAs/Cd(Mg)Se Heterostructures Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy V. A. Solov'ev, I. V. Sedova, A. A. Toropov, Ya. V. Terent'ev, S. V. Sorokin, B. Ya. Mel'tser, S. V. Ivanov, and P. S. Kop'ev pp. 419-423 Full Text: PDF (143 kB) Interface States and Capacitance–Voltage Characteristics of n-SnO2:Ni/p-Si Heterostructures under Gas-Adsorption Conditions R. B. Vasil'ev, A. M. Gas'kov, M. N. Rumyantseva, L. I. Ryabova, and B. A. Akimov pp. 424-426 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) The Transition Layer in TiB2–GaAs and Au–TiB2–GaAs Schottky Contacts E. F. Venger, R. V. Konakova, O. B. Okhrimenko, S. Yu. Sapko, L. V. Shekhovtsov, and V. N. Ivanov pp. 427-432 Full Text: PDF (79 kB) Hot-Hole Lateral Transport in a Two-Dimensional GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As Structure Yu. L. Ivanov, I. V. Elizarov, V. M. Ustinov, and A. E. Zhukov pp. 433-435 Full Text: PDF (48 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS Conductance of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Systems with Electrostatic Disorder in the Region of the Percolation Metal–Insulator Transition B. A. Aronzon, D. A. Bakaushin, A. S. Vedeneev, A. B. Davydov, E. Z. Meilikhov, and N. K. Chumakov pp. 436-443 Full Text: PDF (128 kB) Plasma Oscillations in Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Superstructures in the Presence of a High Electric Field S. Yu. Glazov and S. V. Kryuchkov pp. 444-446 Full Text: PDF (46 kB) Magnetic-Field-Induced Transitions between Minibands in GaAs/AlxGa1 – xAs Superlattices V. F. Sapega, D. N. Mirlin, T. Ruf, M. Cardona, W. Winter, and K. Eberl pp. 447-450 Full Text: PDF (58 kB) PHYSICS OF SEMICONDUCTORS DEVICES The Effect of Pulsed Laser Annealing on the Parameters of CdxHg1 – xTe Photoresistors V. N. Ryzhkov, M. I. Ibragimova, and N. S. Baryshev pp. 451-452 Full Text: PDF (37 kB) Photodiodes for a 1.5–4.8 µm Spectral Range Based on Type-II GaSb/InGaAsSb Heterostructures N. D. Stoyanov, M. P. Mikhailova, O. V. Andreichuk, K. D. Moiseev, I. A. Andreev, M. A. Afrailov, and Yu. P. Yakovlev pp. 453-458 Full Text: PDF (98 kB) Photoelectric Characteristics of Infrared Photodetectors with Blocked Hopping Conduction D. G. Esaev and S. P. Sinitsa pp. 459-463 Full Text: PDF (64 kB) Suppression of Current by Light in p-Si–n+-ZnO–n-ZnO–Pd Diode Structures S. V. Slobodchikov, Kh. M. Salikhov, E. V. Russu, and Yu. G. Malinin pp. 464-467 Full Text: PDF (55 kB) A Study of Deep Traps at the SiO2/6H-SiC Interface Relying upon the Nonequilibrium Field Effect P. A. Ivanov, T. P. Samsonova, V. N. Panteleev, and D. Yu. Polyakov pp. 468-473 Full Text: PDF (85 kB) Consideration of the "Island" Background Charge in Single-Electron Transistor Simulation I. I. Abramov and E. G. Novik pp. 474-476 Full Text: PDF (40 kB) The Effect of Dislocations Formed during Growth on the Structure and Photoluminescence of i–n––n–n+-GaAs Epilayers and on the Related Microwave Transistors Parameters M. P. Lisitsa, F. V. Motsnyi, V. F. Motsnyi, and I. V. Prokopenko pp. 477-480 Full Text: PDF (151 kB) Radiation Hardness of SiC Ion Detectors under Relativistic Protons A. M. Ivanov, N. B. Strokan, D. V. Davydov, N. S. Savkina, A. A. Lebedev, Yu. T. Mironov, G. A. Ryabov, and E. M. Ivanov pp. 481-484 Full Text: PDF (55 kB) The Thermal Cross-Interference Effects in the Arrays of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers S. M. Zakharov pp. 485-489 Full Text: PDF (69 kB)
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