MLG 306 Oral History Project (Fall 2022)

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Cegelski, Casimer
Modern Languages Department, Farmingdale State College
In my interview with Joe Marino, I wanted to learn about his families history when it comes to his Italian culture through his point of view. I wanted to get the perspective of someone who has a lot of Italian heritage in their family but was born and raised in the United States to see how they see their families background and history, and how its different from their own background growing up (comparing the two life styles). I asked a lot of questions regarding his grandparents, how they got to the U.S? how was the journey? Did they have a smooth transition? And many more questions regarding their experiences here compared to in Italy. I already knew quite an amount about Joe before the interview, he’s been close with my family for 6+ years now and I’ve gotten to know him and his background more over time. I also have learned a lot throughout my semester in my Italian Culture class that was very helpful when talking with Joe about his own experiences in Italy, his grandparents’ experiences and many more ideas about Italy as a culture. Seeing Joe’s perspective on his family’s history is very important because it shows the impact that his heritage has had on him and what he will carry on with him going forward. One idea I learned in my interview is how different Italy is compared to what it used to, but at the same time, how much it hasn’t changed at all, and how much of an impact Italy’s culture impacts everyone, in a positive manner and a negative manner.
APPLIED LEARNING ENHANCED: UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH. Oral History Project carried out in MLG 306—Italian Culture and Civilization with Dr. Chiara De Santi