Multi-Cultural Competence Through Intersectional Programming

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Kelly, Grace
Loaiza, Katiuzca I.
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This workshop will focus on multi-cultural competence through intersectional and purposeful programming. The College at Brockport is extremely lucky to have many campus wide partners such as Brockport Student Government, Residential Life/Learning Communications, clubs, organizations, etc. who deliver incredible programs for students on campus throughout the year. Through this workshop, we will examine how on campus programming can be more meaningful and inclusive to the entire student body. Grace Kelly, resident assistant, will share her weeklong program titled “Intersectionality Week” along with Katiuzca Loaiza, resident director. The workshop will open with a small coloring activity that focuses on the importance of recognizing and accepting different identities while simultaneously understanding the negative impacts of being “color-blind”. There will be a summary of the remaining programs paired with discussion on how these programs were created, resources used etc. The workshop will close with a discussion of the importance of intersectionality and including it in on campus programming. Participants will hopefully understand how to implement purposeful programming in their own capacities while understanding the importance of intersectionality. GOAL/OUTCOME #1 Participants will be able to understand how to create purposeful programs on campus. GOAL/OUTCOME #2 Participants will understand the importance of recognizing and accepting different identities. GOAL/OUTCOME #3 Participants will learn about resources in the Rochester area and on campus to help fulfill their commitments to intersectional and inclusive programming.
Grace Kelly, History Major with Childhood Inclusive Education Concentration, The College at Brockport Grace Kelly is a current senior resident assistant in MacVicar Hall. Her passion for social justice has led her to create inclusive and intersectional programs in various residence halls. As a future teacher, she believes in the power of education to inspire individuals to create positive changes within themselves, their communities and the world. Ms. Kelly hopes that students, faculty, staff and guests across this campus will use their agency to have a voice for marginalized groups. Her programming on campus has put her words into actions. Katiuzca I. Loaiza, Resident Director, Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities, The College at Brockport Katiuzca I. Loaiza, a Latina student affairs professional, who’s passions focus on empowering, educating, and mentoring students to use their voice to stand for injustice. Through intentional programming, advocating for social justice, and cultural awareness, she has been able to help support and guide students and organizations on campus to educate one another. Yes, we can all make a difference. Sí todos podemos hacer una diferencia.
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