JETP Letters V. 81, I .03

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
JETP Letters
JETP Letters -- February 10, 2005 Volume 81, Issue 3, pp. 85-134 GRAVITY, ASTROPHYSICS Absorption of Dark Matter by a Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Center: Role of Boundary Conditions M. I. Zelnikov and E. A. Vasiliev pp. 85-89 Full Text: PDF (76 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATIONS Influence of the Orientation of a Crystal on Thermal Polarization Effects in High-Power Solid-State Lasers I. B. Mukhin, O. V. Palashov, E. A. Khazanov, and I. A. Ivanov pp. 90-94 Full Text: PDF (127 kB) "Spreading" of a Biphoton in a Group-Velocity-Dispersion Medium and Two-Photon Interference L. A. Krivitskii and M. V. Chekhova pp. 95-98 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) CONDENSED MATTER Observation of the Elastic Quasi-Mosaicity Effect in Bent Silicon Single Crystals Yu. M. Ivanov, A. A. Petrunin, and V. V. Skorobogatov pp. 99-101 Full Text: PDF (47 kB) 87Rb NMR Study of the Magnetic Structure of the Quasi-Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnet RbFe(MoO4)2 on a Triangular Lattice L. E. Svistov, L. A. Prozorova, N. Büttgen, A. Ya. Shapiro, and L. N. Dem'yanets pp. 102-107 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) Collective Behavior of a Spin-Aligned Gas of Interwell Excitons in Double Quantum Wells A. V. Larionov, M. Bayer, J. Hvam, and K. Soerensen pp. 108-111 Full Text: PDF (126 kB) Bound States in a Quantized Hall Ferromagnet S. Dickmann pp. 112-116 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) Instability of the Distribution of Atomic Steps on Si(111) upon Submonolayer Gold Adsorption at High Temperatures S. S. Kosolobov, S. A. Song, L. I. Fedina, A. K. Gutakovskii, and A. V. Latyshev pp. 117-121 Full Text: PDF (228 kB) Short-Range Order in Irradiated Diamonds S. S. Agafonov, V. P. Glazkov, V. A. Nikolaenko, and V. A. Somenkov pp. 122-124 Full Text: PDF (44 kB) Effective Conductivity of 2D Isotropic Two-Phase Systems in a Magnetic Field S. A. Bulgadaev and F. V. Kusmartsev pp. 125-130 Full Text: PDF (75 kB) Magnetoresistance of the Quasi-One-Dimensional Conductor NbSe3 with a Charge Density Wave in Magnetic Fields of Different Orientations A. A. Sinchenko, Yu. I. Latyshev, and P. Monceau pp. 131-134 Full Text: PDF (68 kB)