BS Degree in Cultural Studies

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Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies
College Resolution , Cultural Studies
This is a proposal to introduce a new academic major in Cultural Studies. Its curriculum is designed to enable students study culture from an interdisciplinary perspective by combining the methodologies used in the humanities and social sciences. The proposed degree program responds to the growing significance of interdisciplinary analyses of culture, comparative analysis of high and popular culture, and the relationship between American cultures and globalization. Through learning experiences in cultural theory, cultural history, international culture, mass culture, and globalization, the major teaches students to understand systems of culture as both part of and alternatives to systems of government and economics. Upon receiving approval from the College Senate, steps will be initiated through the Office of International Program (OIP) of the State University of New York to develop an articulation agreement with the University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw, Poland to offer the program as a dual degree with a corresponding program that has been introduced by that university.
Accepted by President Halstead and Effective 5/22/06
Resolution Number: 2005-2006_39
Academic Year: 2005-2006