Utilizing Individual Counseling in Conjunction with Disciplinary Actions

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McKnight, Brandon
This poster describes a study conducted in a Rochester area school over several months. The purpose of the study is to observe if individual counseling sessions can be used in conjunction with disciplinary actions to reduce student behaviors that result in future referrals. Student goal setting was also looked at in the study. The individual counseling frameworks utilized include person-centered and Adlerian perspectives. Person-centered theory was used to establish a connection with the students in the first sessions. After the first sessions the Adlerian concept of assessing and setting goals was focused on. Students attended a minimum of three sessions over the duration of the project. After completion of the study, students who received treatment were compared to the students who did not. When comparing the two groups, current numbers of disciplinary referrals were compared to the number of referrals students had before the project started. The goal of the study was to see a reduction in the number of referrals for those students who participated and to have them assess their current actions to see if their actions are moving them towards or away from their goals.
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