Absenteeism: How Effective is a High School Code of Conduct Policy at Decreasing Student Illegal Absences and Tardiness

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Chinn, Theron r
This research project is being completed as a requirement for the researcher’s master’s level thesis. This poster presentation examines the effect of an absenteeism intervention in a medium sized, rural high school located in western, NY. The purpose for conducting this research is to determine the effectiveness of a High Schools Code of Conduct Policy at reducing student’s illegal absences and tardiness from school instructional time. This research project addresses the gap in research regarding tardiness in schools. A review of the recent research concerning absenteeism has revealed limited information regarding tardiness interventions in schools. The schools Code of Conduct Policy was introduced at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. Students illegally absent and/or tardy from school for 16% or more of the school year are determined to be in violation of the School’s Code of Conduct Policy and are therefore subject to discipline. The researcher will run attendance reports for students marked as having excessive absenteeism every four weeks for the 2013-2014 school years. The research project will consist of examining approximately 70 student’s attendance records. The only attendance records that will be reviewed are the students that have an absentee rate of 16% or higher for a four week interval. Results will be reported in aggregate form. The effectiveness of the absenteeism will be examined using a Chi squared analysis.