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Dulski, David J.
Android , MIT App Inventor , Mobile Gaming App
Today it is currently estimated that about six billion people worldwide use mobile phones. Cellphones have become a necessity and assist us in our everyday lives, not only with communication, but with more complex tasks such as math equations or sharing pictures on social media websites. This research project is going to use the resources made available by AppInventor.org to create a mobile game that makes use of the touchscreen component found on most of the cellphones and tablets available today. AppInventor.org is an online resource that provides learning material and video tutorials for those who wish to develop their own Android apps.The Tap-A-Mole game will be similar in nature to the arcade game Whack-A-Mole and will require the user to tap a mole as it appears on the screen as many times as they can within a given time limit. If a certain score is reached, the player will reach the next round and each round will increase in difficulty, with the mole appearing more often and in a shorter amount of time. The code for the app itself will be written using MIT App Inventor 2 with some of the graphical components being created using Microsoft Paint.