RtI in Urban schools

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Smith, Mark
The skills of reading and writing begin early in a child's life, and student success in these areas hinges on their literacy skill development. Research has shown that the progress of ones literacy skills can be a predictor for success in schooling and later on in life. Young students often face significant challenges in learning to read due to the fact that they lack essential early literacy skills at the start of schooling. As students continue to grow and progress through childhood, the gap between students who have established good literacy skills and those who do not widens. Unfortunately for many of these children, they do not catch up and are at high risk for failure and/or being referred to special education services. Response to Intervention (RtI) is a process that includes research-based instruction and interventions for struggling learners. RtI serves as a dual process for students and schools in that it intervenes to attempt to prevent long-term academic struggles as well as identifying students with learning disabilities. The overall goal is not to put students into special education, but rather to give them what they need to show academic growth. The design is powerful in that it can address all students in all contexts
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