“The Muslims I Know” (Film Screening and Discussion)

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Ahmed, Mara
The need to identify “militant jihadists” by distinguishing them from moderate Muslims has cast suspicion on all Muslims in America. Stereotypes are becoming well entrenched. The purpose of the documentary, “The Muslims I Know,” is to break those stereotypes by showcasing Pakistani Americans and asking them questions non-Muslim Americans have framed through vox pop interviews. This film includes an interview with Associate Professor Carl Davila, PhD, from the Department of History at The College at Brockport. A brief discussion will follow the screening of this film.
Presenter: Mara Ahmed produced, wrote and directed the film, “The Muslims I Know” (2009) to give a voice to Muslims, like herself, who had not been given a chance to be part of the discourse in America after the socio-political climate changed on 9/11. Ahmed’s production company is Neelum Films. She is a member of Rochester Women in Film and Television and of Rochester Film Lab, since 2007. She earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of Hartford, Connecticut, and another master’s degree in business administration from the Institute of Business Administration in Pakistan.