Eastview Veterinary Clinic P.C. Case Study

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Bentley, Kaitlyn
Gonzalez, Justine
Wheeler, Brittany
Eastview Veterinary Clinic, P.C has decided to make a transition away from their dairy clients toward the equine sector of veterinary medicine. The main partners in the business are hoping to change their focus to less labor intensive work and more specialty procedures for equine clients. They have already changed their services by adding a 24 hour urgent care staff plan. A client can choose to have their animal watched around the clock while they are at the vet hospital. This also includes certain staff members on call in the hospital 24/7. The focus will be to create a business plan for this transitional time as well as do a case study on the preparations and implementations of the business strategy. We plan to evaluate their success from the urgent care services to see how many clients have utilized the service and if it has been profitable. Transitioning into any new market takes planning, implementation and evaluation. The purpose of the case study will be to evaluate the success of their 24 hour urgent care service and analyze the potential for success in the equine veterinary service market. By identifying the horse population in the surrounding area, the need for equine veterinarians, and the reaction of current clients we hope to analyze the potential for a successful transition. In the business plan and case study, we hope to identify the strategies that have worked in the past as well as present strategies to help with the next chapter of Eastview Veterinary, P.C.
Business Case Study Panel presentation