Rice Creek Research Reports, 1996

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Chepko-Sade, Diane
Weber, Peter
Weber, Nicholas
Rosenbaum, Peter
Nelson, Andrew
Rice Creek Field Station , SUNY Oswego
Contains the Following Research Reports: Butterfly Populations at Rice Creek Field Station: A Progress Report; Survey of Small Mammal Populations at Rice Creek Field Station; Flora of Rice Creek Field Station; Overview of Recent Herpetological Research at RCFS; Research Related Publications from Rice Creek Field Station
In the summer of 1996, Rice Creek Field Station, with financial support from Rice Creek Associates and the Division of Continuing Education at Oswego State University, established a small grants program to stimulate research at the Field Station site. Two projects were supported during the 1996 season. Both involved the initial steps in what should become long term efforts to study and monitor natural populations of organisms resident on the Field Station properties; an important type of study which is difficult to maintain without the kind of ongoing institutional commitment that established field stations can provide. As I reviewed the results of this last year's projects it seemed that it might be an appropriate time to launch a new series of contributions which would provide an annual progress report of research activities at the Field Station. This first issue of Rice Creek Research Reports consists of progress reports from Diane Chepko-Sade and Peter and Nicholas Weber, the principal investigators for the projects supported in 1996, and brief summaries of long term projects being pursued by Peter Rosenbaum and myself. I am also including an index of occasional bulletins which have been produced at Rice Creek Field Station over the past twenty years. Many of these are still available and can be obtained directly from Rice Creek Field Station. Further information on the small grants program and on other activities at the Field Station can be found on the Rice Creek web page at <http://www.oswego.edu/~rcreek>. ---Andrew P. Nelson, Director, Rice Creek Field Station, August 26, 1997