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JETP Letters -- April 10, 2004 Volume 79, Issue 7, pp. 313-359 FIELDS, PARTICLES, AND NUCLEI Quantum Effects in a One-Dimensional Magnetic Gravitational Trap for Ultracold Neutrons A. I. Frank and V. G. Nosov pp. 313-315 Full Text: PDF (51 kB) NONLINEAR DYNAMICS Wavelet Transform Analysis of the Chaotic Synchronization of Dynamical Systems A. A. Koronovskii and A. E. Hramov pp. 316-319 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) PLASMA, GASES Stimulated Smith–Purcell Radiation A. N. Aleinik, A. S. Aryshev, E. A. Bogomazova, B. N. Kalinin, G. A. Naumenko, A. P. Potylitsyn, G. A. Saruev, and A. F. Sharafutdinov pp. 320-323 Full Text: PDF (144 kB) Narrow-Directed Fast-Ion Flow Generation from Targets Irradiated by a Picosecond Laser Pulse A. A. Andreev, V. P. Andrianov, V. G. Borodin, V. M. Komarov, V. A. Malinov, N. V. Nikitin, A. V. Serdyukov, A. V. Charukhchev, V. N. Chernov, K. Yu. Platonov, A. V. Bessarab, S. G. Garanin, A. A. Gorbunov, and N. A. Suslov pp. 324-328 Full Text: PDF (94 kB) CONDENSED MATTER Some Features in the Behavior of the Density of Superconducting Condensate in Superconductors A. E. Karakozov, E. G. Maksimov, and A. V. Andrianova pp. 329-332 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) Elemental Composition of Nanoclusters Formed by Pulsed Irradiation with Low-Energy Ions during Ge/Si Epitaxy A. V. Dvurechenskii, Zh. V. Smagina, V. A. Zinov'ev, V. A. Armbrister, V. A. Volodin, and M. D. Efremov pp. 333-336 Full Text: PDF (120 kB) Superconductivity on the Localization Threshold and Magnetic-Field-Tuned Superconductor–Insulator Transition in TiN Films T. I. Baturina, D. R. Islamov, J. Bentner, C. Strunk, M. R. Baklanov, and A. Satta pp. 337-341 Full Text: PDF (90 kB) Nonequilibrium Acoustic Phonons in Y3Al5O12-Based Nanocrystalline Ceramics Yu. N. Barabanenkov, S. N. Ivanov, A. V. Taranov, E. N. Khazanov, H. Yagi, T. Yanagitani, K. Takaichi, J. Lu, J. F. Bisson, A. Shirakawa, K. Ueda, and A. A. Kaminskii pp. 342-345 Full Text: PDF (101 kB) Electrophysical Properties of Calcium at High Pressures and Temperatures V. E. Fortov, A. M. Molodets, V. I. Postnov, D. V. Shakhrai, K. L. Kagan, E. G. Maksimov, A. V. Ivanov, and M. V. Magnitskaya pp. 346-351 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) Thermodynamically Stable Fractal-Like Domain Structures in Magnetic Films F. V. Lisovskii, L. I. Lukashenko, and E. G. Mansvetova pp. 352-354 Full Text: PDF (189 kB) METHODS OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS Diagrammar and Metamorphosis of Coset Symmetries in Dimensionally Reduced Type IIB Supergravity A. J. Nurmagambetov pp. 355-359 Full Text: PDF (62 kB)
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