Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics V. 99, I. 03

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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics -- September 2004 Volume 99, Issue 3, pp. 449-668 GRAVITATION, ASTROPHYSICS Quasistatic Waves of Hydrogravity Generated in the Galactic Interstellar Medium by a Pulsating Neutron Star S. Bastrukov, I. Molodtsova, D. Podgainy, V. Papoyan, J. Yang, and D. Murray pp. 449-459 Full Text: PDF (142 kB) Spectrum of a Quantized Black Hole, Correspondence Principle, and Holographic Bound I. B. Khriplovich pp. 460-465 Full Text: PDF (64 kB) NUCLEI, PARTICLES, AND THEIR INTERACTION Excitation of Strong Wakefields by Intense Neutrino Bursts in a Magnetized Electron–Positron Plasma A. Serbeto, L. A. Rios, J. T. Mendonça, P. K. Shukla, and R. Bingham pp. 466-473 Full Text: PDF (109 kB) Renormalons and Analytic Properties of the beta Function I. M. Suslov pp. 474-479 Full Text: PDF (81 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATION Enhancement of Resonant Bleaching of J-aggregates upon Lengthening of an Exciting Radiation R. V. Markov, A. I. Plekhanov, Z. M. Ivanova, N. A. Orlova, V. V. Shelkovnikov, A. A. Ivanov, and M. V. Alfimov pp. 480-486 Full Text: PDF (108 kB) PLASMA, GASES Generation of Harmonics during the Interaction of Ultrashort Superstrong Laser Pulses with Solid Targets V. S. Rastunkov and V. P. Krainov pp. 487-493 Full Text: PDF (411 kB) Distributions of Ions in a Cluster Plasma Created by a Laser Pulse A. A. Katasonov and M. B. Smirnov pp. 494-503 Full Text: PDF (226 kB) FLUIDS Physical Processes Underlying the Development of Shear Turbulence O. M. Belotserkovskii, A. M. Oparin, and V. M. Chechetkin pp. 504-509 Full Text: PDF (928 kB) Simulation of Mass Transfer in Systems with Isotropic Pair Correlation of Particles O. S. Vaulina and O. F. Petrov pp. 510-521 Full Text: PDF (159 kB) SOLIDS Structure Atomic Mechanisms of Pure Iron Vitrification A. V. Evteev, A. T. Kosilov, and E. V. Levchenko pp. 522-529 Full Text: PDF (227 kB) Resonant Tunneling of Electrons through Virtual Interference States Formed as a Result of Reflection from the Boundary of Strongly Doped Region of GaAs Yu. N. Khanin, E. E. Vdovin, and Yu. V. Dubrovskii pp. 530-538 Full Text: PDF (154 kB) Universality in the Partially Anisotropic Three-Dimensional Ising Lattice M. A. Yurishchev pp. 539-543 Full Text: PDF (59 kB) Electronic Properties Inverted Near-Surface Hysteresis Loops in Heterogeneous (Nanocrystalline/Amorphous) Fe81Nb7B12 Alloys E. E. Shalyguina, I. Skorvánek, P. Svec, V. A. Mel'nikov, and N. M. Abrosimova pp. 544-551 Full Text: PDF (108 kB) Excitation of Bloch Oscillations in a Lateral Semiconductor Superlattice under the Influence of Electromagnetic Pulses E. P. Dodin, A. A. Zharov, and A. M. Malkin pp. 552-558 Full Text: PDF (89 kB) Parameters of the Effective Singlet–Triplet Model for Band Structure of High-Tc Cuprates by Alternative Approaches M. M. Korshunov, V. A. Gavrichkov, S. G. Ovchinnikov, Z. V. Pchelkina, I. A. Nekrasov, M. A. Korotin, and V. I. Anisimov pp. 559-565 Full Text: PDF (93 kB) The Mechanism of Suppression of Strong Electron Correlations in FeBO3 at High Pressures A. G. Gavriliuk, I. A. Trojan, S. G. Ovchinnikov, I. S. Lyubutin, and V. A. Sarkisyan pp. 566-573 Full Text: PDF (113 kB) DX– Center Formation in Planar-Doped GaAs:Si in Strong Electric Fields M. Asche and O. G. Sarbey pp. 574-584 Full Text: PDF (132 kB) The Pseudogap Mode as Long-Lived States of Noncoherent Pairs with Large Momenta V. I. Belyavskii, Yu. V. Kopaev, Yu. N. Togushova, and S. V. Shevtsov pp. 585-601 Full Text: PDF (196 kB) Chirality of a Forming Spin Spring and Remagnetization Features of a Bilayer Ferromagnetic System V. S. Gornakov, Yu. P. Kabanov, V. I. Nikitenko, O. A. Tikhomirov, A. J. Shapiro, and R. D. Shull pp. 602-612 Full Text: PDF (489 kB) Fluctuations in the Paraphase of Improper Ferroelastics Taking into Account Indirect Interactions through the Field of Elastic Deformations A. S. Yurkov pp. 613-619 Full Text: PDF (84 kB) A Microscopic Model of Sequential Resonant Tunneling Transport through Weakly Coupled Superlattices M. P. Telenkov and Yu. A. Mityagin pp. 620-632 Full Text: PDF (140 kB) Nonlinear Cyclotron–Impurity Resonance in Semiconductors V. A. Margulis pp. 633-639 Full Text: PDF (91 kB) Composite Fermions, Trios, and Quartets in the Fermi–Bose Mixture of Neutral Particles M. Yu. Kagan, I. V. Brodsky, D. V. Efremov, and A. V. Klaptsov pp. 640-646 Full Text: PDF (87 kB) NONLINEAR PHYSICS Nonlinear Regimes of Ultrashort Pulse Propagation in an Array of Anisotropic Tunneling States S. V. Nesterov and S. V. Sazonov pp. 647-662 Full Text: PDF (161 kB) Chaos in a Driven Pendulum under Asymmetric Forcing V. V. Vecheslavov pp. 663-668 Full Text: PDF (79 kB)
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