Research & Creative Expression: Spring 1990

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Howard, Daniel; Editor
DeCicco, Michael; Creative Consultant
Starczewski, Kirk; Creative Consultant
Ajayl, A 'isha
DeCarvalho, Roy Jose
Havranek, Richard
Joseph, Joanne
Kelley, Amy
Newman, Eugene
Oboyski, Anne
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Fort Drum , SUNY College of Technology at Utica/Rome , SUNY Institute of Technology , Hardiness , US-Canada Free Trade Agreement , Information Technology and Labor , Small Business Education , Carl Rogers , Rogerian Values , European Community Telecommunications Policy , Collaborative Research in Nursing , Fanny and Alexander , Ingmar Bergman , Accounting Technology , Watertown, NY , 10th Mountain Division , North Country, Upstate New York
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The first issue of Research & Creative Expression was an unqualified success exceeding the expectations of the editorial staff as evidenced by numerous positive comments and rave reviews by readers (both from within the campus community and from outside the campus community). Frequent requests were made for additional copies to be shared with colleagues, businesses, industries, alumni, foundations, governmental agencies, community groups, and other friends of the college. Moreover, the number of new contributors and the quality of scholarship and expression, underscores the prudence of publishing two issues per year. As a consequence, it is expected that Research & Creative Expression will be released twice per year to coincide with the all college staff meetings held in August and January. Articles contained within this issue have been crafted for Research & Creative Expression and intentionally selected to provide a cross-section of scholarship and creativity. Although scholarly in nature, they have been written to appeal to a diverse readership. Faculty from each of the schools (Arts and Science, Business and Public Management, Information Systems and Engineering Technology, and Nursing) have contributed to this issue. Both informational (factually based) and critical (theoretically based) articles are presented. As with other scholarly publications, opinions and contentions expressed by authors are not necessarily those of the SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome or the State University of New York. Members of the college community are encouraged to submit articles for future issues and may obtain writing and style guidelines from the editor (listed below). Individual and collaborative articles are acceptable and desired. Please help us celebrate this second issue by reading and sharing it with your friends, colleagues, and associates. Moreover, the editorial staff would enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions for improving subsequent issues. These remarks should be addressed to: Dr. G. Daniel Howard, CSP Editor Research & Creative Expression Offtce of Graduate Studies and Research SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome
Vol. 2, No. 1 Table of Contents Self-Determinism In the lnformation Age: Implications for America By A 'isha Ajayl | Rogerian Values In Psychology By Dr. Roy Jose DeCarvalho | A Survey of Perceptions on the Impact of U.S.- Canada Free Trade Agreement By Patrick W. Fitzgibbons | More Meaningful Applications of Computer Technology in Non-Traditional Courses By Richard Havranek | The 'Hardy' Personality: Overview and Appraisal By Dr. Joanne Joseph and Amy Kelley | Major Issues and Challenges In Implementing a European Community Telecommunications Policy by 1992 By Dr. Eugene Newman | Revitalization of the Nursing Skill-Collaboration By Anne K. Oboyski, M.S., R.N. | Applied Theater By Dr. Joel Plotkin | Photonics: Technology & Applications By Dr. Salahuddin Qazi | The Heaven and Hell of Childhood In lngmar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander By Dr. Ralph Slayton | Converting a Manual Accounting Information System to Microcomputer Processing By Thomas Tribunella, M.B.A., C.P.A | Headin' North: Fort Drum Military Expansion Brings Thousands Into New York's North Country By Dr. John J. Zogby
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