Rice Creek Biological Field Station Bulletin, 1974, No. 1

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Maxwell, George
Shearer, Robert
Kundell, J.E.
Spafford, R.A.
Del Prete, K.
Tritman, N.D.
Bocsor, J.G.
Demers, J.E.
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Rice Creek Field Station
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This issue contains selected papers from limnological investigations of Little Sodus Bay and neighboring bays along the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Located approximately 15 miles from the Oswego campus, this sheltered bay has provided our classes with one of several excellent study sites at which they can become familiar with procedures in the field of limnology. The first article of this bulletin is a summary of chemical and biological data from Little Sodus Bay collected by previous limnology classes. It is an attempt to arrange the students' classwork into a meaningful form so that their efforts may be appreciated by others. Some of the data may be questionable and such instances are noted. This is to be expected when introducing students to the many different techniques and equipment used throughout the course. Generally the accuracy of these data are excellent and provides one with a "limnological preview" of Little Sodus Bay before reading papers which follow. The more specific papers represent individual efforts as independent studies or partial requirements for advanced studies. Kundell's and Spafford's papers were submitted as a partial fulfillment for the Master of Science Degree in Education under the advisement of R. A. Engel. The remaining papers were completed as a partial requirement for "Problems in Advanced Limnology" which was taught in Spring of 1972 by R. A. Engel. Much of the collection was conducted through the ice and allows us to have a more complete picture of the limnology of Little Sodus Bay.--Robert I. Shearer
This inaugural issue of the Rice Creek Biological Field Station Bulletin is the first of a series of Bulletins to be produced with the aim of disseminating information developed by the students and staff of Rice Creek Biological Field Station. It is our intention to prepare the Bulletin as information becomes available with an initial goal of two issues a year. Each issue will contain the results of research on one community until the backlog of data developed since 1967 is exhausted. The type of project that produced the data in individual papers will be indicated so that the reader will be able to judge the merit of each research project. Some problems were developed by staff or as a Master's degree research thesis, others were independent studies and class projects by undergraduates and graduates. Some rearrangement of data and narrative has been made to clarify the meaning for Bulletin readers, but in no case has the meaning been changed. The editorial tasks have fallen on Robert Shearer, the Rice Creek Biological Field Station Technical Specialist. Comments on any phase of the Bulletin are solicited and separates of articles are available upon request.--George Maxwell, Director Rice Creek Biological Field Station
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