Revolution Resolution

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Cichelli, Ronan
Bavisotto, Dean L.
Caulfield, Grahm
Preferred Names , Transgender Rights , Student Government , Legal Policy
Our submission started out as a simple class-activism project and turned into an ongoing quest for change. It is a resolution and response paper that we wrote proposing to change Fredonia's legal name policy (the resolution is included in the response paper). As three transgender students, this topic is very personal and important to us. After extensive research we have found an impressive correlation between a trans-inclusive campus environment and the success rate and safety of students. Our resolution was presented to and endorsed by both the student association and university senates last semester, and we are currently serving on a task force commissioned by the president of our university and the chair of the faculty senate to change the current policy. Our end goal is to allow students to use a preferred name on their public identities (i.e. student I.D. cards, campus email, and class rosters)