Effective Classroom Mangement in Student-centered Classrooms

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VanHousen, Deena
This presentation will focus on effective classroom management strategies for student-centered classrooms. Over the years, classrooms have shifted to become more student-centered and teachers have also shifted their management techniques. It is becoming uncommon today to see a classroom set up with desks in perfect rows and a teacher standing in the front of the room for a majority of the day. Teachers are no longer the only facilitators and mangers in classrooms. In classrooms today, students are given responsibilities, in and out of school, which require them to be active participants in their learning. Students of all learning abilities and learning styles learn together in the same classrooms. Classrooms are becoming diverse, student-centered learning environments which require a unique management technique. Although there are numerous classroom management theories, how can teachers effectively manage a classroom with a wide range of learning abilities and styles, in a student-centered way?
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