Plasma Physics Reports V. 29, I. 10

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Plasma Physics Reports
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Plasma Physics Reports -- October 2003 Volume 29, Issue 10, pp. 803-894 TOKAMAKS A Possible Mechanism for the Generation and Motion of Blobs in Tokamaks V. P. Vlasov and B. A. Trubnikov pp. 803-815 Full Text: PDF (149 kB) Beta-Limiting MHD Phenomena in Toroidal Systems V. D. Pustovitov pp. 816-825 Full Text: PDF (104 kB) Identification of the Structure of Large-Scale MHD Perturbations in a Tokamak from Mirnov Signals A. M. Kakurin and I. I. Orlovsky pp. 826-830 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) STELLARATORS The Effect of Hexapole and Vertical Fields on alpha-Particle Confinement in Heliotron Configurations M. Yu. Isaev, K. Y. Watanabe, M. Yokoyama, and K. Yamazaki pp. 831-834 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) PLASMA DIAGNOSTICS The Effect of Charge Exchange with Neutrals on the Saturation of the Spectral Line Intensities of Multicharged Ions in Plasma L. A. Bureeva, V. S. Lisitsa, D. A. Petrov, D. A. Shuvaev, F. Rosmej, and R. Stamm pp. 835-844 Full Text: PDF (123 kB) PLASMA OSCILLATIONS AND WAVES Quasilinear Modification of the Spectra of Cyclotron Emission from a Toroidal Plasma near the ECRH Frequency A. G. Shalashov and E. V. Suvorov pp. 845-859 Full Text: PDF (165 kB) Excitation of Upper Hybrid Cones in Magnetoactive Plasma A. V. Kostrov, G. A. Luchinin, and G. V. Permitin pp. 860-866 Full Text: PDF (254 kB) Absorption of Electromagnetic Surface Waves by Electrons in a Transition Layer between the Plasma and Dielectric Ya. F. Leleko and K. N. Stepanov pp. 867-873 Full Text: PDF (98 kB) PLASMA DYNAMICS Numerical Simulations of a High-Current Plasma Lens V. N. Gorshkov, A. A. Goncharov, and A. M. Zavalov pp. 874-882 Full Text: PDF (512 kB) Elimination of Aberrations in Wide-Aperture Magnetoelectrostatic Plasma Lenses V. I. Butenko and B. I. Ivanov pp. 883-889 Full Text: PDF (102 kB) PLASMA INSTABILITY Electromagnetic Instability of an Anisotropic Relativistic Plasma in the Context of the Evolution of Galactic and Intergalactic High-Energy Particle Sources A. S. Baranov pp. 890-894 Full Text: PDF (63 kB)
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