Research & Creative Expression: Spring 1993

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VanMarter, Shirley; Editor
DeCicco, Michael; Graphic Designer
Kahn, Russell
Krenitsky Perrone, Mary
Romero, Rafael
Spetka, Scott
Tribunella, Thomas
Murphy, Daniel
DeVisser, Sandra Z.
North American Free Trade Agreement , Tap Dancing , Gregory Hines , Data Retrieval , National Research and Education Network , Financial Accounting , Computer Mediated Communication
The articles in this issue were selected to provide a cross section of the scholarship and creativity of our full- and parttime faculty. I am especially pleased to call your attention to the cover of this issue. It reproduces a mixed-media graphic by Sandra De Visser, one of our adjunct instructors in art. For the first time in its history, the SUNY Institute of Technology is offering two art electives on campus, and we are happy to celebrate our modest venture into the fine arts by featuring Ms. De Visser's work on our cover. Another important milestone for this publication is the formation of an Editorial Board. The board will work with the editor to oversee the direction and content of this publication. All articles accepted for publication must now be approved by members of the Editorial Board, and, in some cases, are also being read by other faculty specialists before they are accepted for publication. Members of the college community are encouraged to submit articles for future issues and may obtain guidelines from the editor. We invite you to share this issue with friends and colleagues. Moreover, we always welcome your suggestions and comments. All remarks should be addressed to: Shirley Van Marter, Editor Research & Creative Expression Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/ Rome
Table of Contents for Vol. 5, No.1 The national research and education network: A new tool for research and education. By Russell Kahn | On tap: A profile with Gregory Hines. By Mary Krenitsky Perrone | The North American Free Trade Agreement: Overview and Impact on Our Area. Pros and cons of NAFTA By Rafael Romero | A Query Decomposition Algorithm for Distributed Relational Database Systems. A technique for retrieving data from multiple storage locations in a computer network by Scott Spetka | An Object-Oriented Approach to Modeling Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. by Thomas Tribunella | Computer-mediated communications and the communication of technical information: A research model. by Daniel J. Murphy