An overview of the solid wastes disposal problem in the United States

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Marine Sciences Research Center
Mackin, James E.
Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook University
Refuse and refuse disposal -- United States. , Factory and trade waste -- United States.
from the Summary, ". . .Land filling is currently the only legal "ultimate" means of waste disposal. Limitations in land space and potential problems of drinking water pollution are the major disadvantages of this disposal method. The latter may be overcome by use of pollution abatement equipment. The U.S. EPA guidelines suggest that impermeable liners be used to seal the bottoms of landfills and that leachate collection systems be installed. This pollution abatement equipment is also required by New York State Law. The effectiveness of the equipment for preventing pollution of drinking water reservoirs is still unknown, be cause it has been used for only a very short time. . ."
iii, 54 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. Includes bibliographical references