Regular Add Period -Revision to Not Require Instructor Signature

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Student Policies
For the past 25+ years students have needed instructor permission to add classes as soon as the semester begins. This practice was established before online registration was implemented. Given technology today, allowing students to add open courses that do not have any registration restrictions will help students to stay on track for degree requirements and maintain financial aid eligibility. As part of this, waitlists will be purged the morning of open registration so that all open seats will be available and not subject to the registration error message of "Closed - Waitlist" which requires an override to manually register the student. Students on waitlists will be notified that they have been removed from the listing and if they are still interested in being on the waitlist, can sign back up once online registration is turned back on. The waitlists will be available through the regular add period.
Signed 11/20/2018 by President Macpherson - No effective date Proposal number - 10_18-19SP
Resolution Number: 2018-2019_04
Academic Year: 2018-2019