TimeStitch: Digital Prototype of a Virtual Museum as a Leaning Tool

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Myzelev, Alla
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , Digital Object Repositories , Needlecrafts , Museum Studies , OMEKA open source software , Virtual Exhibitions , SUNY Geneseo
TimeStitch is a prototype of a digital object repository that can be used to create various learning contents. It will display needlecrafts such as embroidery, knitting and sewing as examples of the objects that could be used to create teachable content for disciplines such as anthropology, art history, history and other humanities. The project is expected to achieve three objectives: 1) train museum studies students to curate online content, 2) create a template and interface for other disciplines to develop digital learning tools of their own, and 3) share this digital tool with other museum studies departments and other liberal arts departments in SUNY via SUNY Learning Commons so that others may replicate and build upon this innovative digital tool. Using OMEKA, an open source web-publishing platform, we aim to develop a database of objects that could be used by upper level students to create virtual exhibitions. These virtual exhibitions and other similar sites then will be used for teaching in lower level courses in humanities. The database will be a prototype for the future similar projects in other humanities disciplines. For this stage of the project one faculty member will work with CIT staff to develop the framework and manage the students, two students will digitize artifacts and curate initial metadata during the summer, another student will work during the academic year to perform metadata curation and outreach to other Geneseo departments and other SUNY humanities departments.
TimeStitch is an experimental platform that allows the creation of digital customized narrative based on the content entered. It is primarily used to generate virtual exhibitions and displays and for training students to become curators of digital content.