Former International Students at SUNY Fredonia

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It is a story of former international students who attended SUNY Fredonia. It contains stories of how and why they chose Fredonia as their undergraduate, how much of it helped them acheive their personal/career goals, and what they’ve been up to these days. It consists of print with visuals such as their old pictures while attending school and Skype interviews. I will be using print media for the most and adding visuals. I will be using resources such as Skype, voice recorder, Facebook, Email, and Adobe Premiere. My sources will be former international students, official school documents of International Education Department, former director of IEC, current staff member at IEC, Dr.Herman and Ted Schwalbe. I will find necessary information using my Facebook, school website, news articles and archives through IEC. The research element would be the growth of International Education Department at SUNY Fredonia and the post college life of former international students. My audience is people interested in International Education Department at SUNY Fredonia, current international students, and people from outside of U.S. who are interested in studying at SUNY Fredonia. I’m planning to publish this story through social media I’m using (Facebook), send it to staff members at IEC and sent it to former & current international students via email. Personal stories of each student will be written in words: how and why they chose Fredonia and their current life. Visuals such as pictures and videos can be used to show their memories at Fredonia. I will be possibly using Skype interviews to see how they are doing these days. I would like to share this story with other international students who are struggling to figure out what they want to get out of the school and what they want to do after they graduate. Also, I would like to see how helpful and resourceful the school can be to international students in terms of personal and social growth.