Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics V. 95, I. 02

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics -- August 2002 Volume 95, Issue 2, pp. 181-370 GRAVITATION, ASTROPHYSICS Solar Neutrino Flux Measurements by the Soviet–American Gallium Experiment (SAGE) for Half the 22-Year Solar Cycle J. N. Abdurashitov et al. (SAGE Collaboration) pp. 181-193 Full Text: PDF (290 kB) Nonlinear Electrodynamic Lag of Electromagnetic Signals in a Magnetic Dipole Field V. I. Denisov, I. V. Krivchenkov, and I. P. Denisova pp. 194-198 Full Text: PDF (64 kB) NUCLEI, PARTICLES, AND THEIR INTERACTION Second-Order Orientation Effects in Light Scattering by Polarized Atoms M. Ya. Agre pp. 199-205 Full Text: PDF (79 kB) On the Stability of Electromagnetic Field in Inverted Media V. A. Antonov and B. P. Kondrat'ev pp. 206-209 Full Text: PDF (46 kB) Visualization of the Wave Function of a Quantum Particle in the Momentum Space by the Field-Emission Microscopy Technique S. K. Sekatskii and V. S. Letokhov pp. 210-220 Full Text: PDF (164 kB) PLASMA, GASES Nonlinearity Effects in Wave Propagation in Multicomponent Bose–Einstein Condensates I. E. Mazets, E. V. Orlenko, and B. G. Matisov pp. 221-225 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) Particle Dynamics during Adiabatic Expansion of a Plasma Bunch V. F. Kovalev, V. Yu. Bychenkov, and V. T. Tikhonchuk pp. 226-241 Full Text: PDF (207 kB) Infrared Absorption in Dense Sodium Vapor A. G. Leonov, A. A. Rudenko, A. N. Starostin, M. D. Taran, D. I. Chekhov, and I. I. Yakunin pp. 242-254 Full Text: PDF (153 kB) Glassy-Like States of Bulk Rare Gases R. S. Berry and B. M. Smirnov pp. 255-261 Full Text: PDF (87 kB) FLUIDS Is the Critical Reynolds Number Universal? S. Novopashin and A. Muriel pp. 262-265 Full Text: PDF (51 kB) Generation of Magnetic Field during Shearing Motion of a Conducting Viscous Medium S. V. Fedorov and A. V. Babkin pp. 266-274 Full Text: PDF (116 kB) The Magneto-Optical Properties of an Ensemble of Ellipsoidal Dielectric Particles in a Magnetic Fluid A. F. Pshenichnikov and P. A. Sosnin pp. 275-281 Full Text: PDF (80 kB) Clustering of the Low-Inertia Particle Number Density Field in Random Divergence-Free Hydrodynamic Flows V. I. Klyatskin and T. Elperin pp. 282-293 Full Text: PDF (130 kB) SOLIDS Structure Equilibrium Processes of Oxygen Diffusion between Bulk and (100) Surface of Tantalum N. R. Gall', E. V. Rut'kov, and A. Ya. Tontegode pp. 294-299 Full Text: PDF (78 kB) Transition from Antiferromagnetic to Ferromagnetic State of Systems LaMnO3 + lambda and La1 – xSrx(Mn1 – x/2Nbx/2)O3 I. O. Troyanchuk, O. S. Mantytskaya, A. N. Chobot, and H. Szymczak pp. 300-307 Full Text: PDF (108 kB) The Influence of Oxygen Deficiency on the Magnetic and Electric Properties of La0.70Ba0.30MnO3 – gamma (0 <= gamma <= 0.30) Manganite with a Perovskite Structure S. V. Trukhanov, I. O. Troyanchuk, N. V. Pushkarev, and H. Szymczak pp. 308-315 Full Text: PDF (125 kB) Fluctuation Mechanism of Formation of Discontinuous Tracks by Fast Ions in Solids F. F. Komarov and V. A. Belyi pp. 316-324 Full Text: PDF (101 kB) Electronic Properties Electron Relaxation Mechanisms in n-Bi–Sb Semiconducting Alloys V. D. Kagan, N. A. Red'ko, N. A. Rodionov, and V. I. Pol'shin pp. 325-336 Full Text: PDF (161 kB) Critical Scattering of Low-Energy Electrons by a Ferromagnet in the Neighborhood of the Curie Point M. A. Vasil'ev, M. A. Ivanov, M. B. Shevchenko, and A. G. Blashchuk pp. 337-347 Full Text: PDF (129 kB) The Influence of Nonlocality of Quasi-Particle Response to the Nonlinear Meissner Effect in d-Wave Superconductors M. S. Kalenkov pp. 348-353 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) Shift and Damping of Optical Phonons Caused by Interaction with Electrons L. A. Falkovsky pp. 354-360 Full Text: PDF (90 kB) The Theory of Conductivity of Ternary Composite Films with a Two-Sublattice Structure B. Ya. Balagurov pp. 361-370 Full Text: PDF (111 kB)