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JETP Letters -- September 25, 2003 Volume 78, Issue 6, pp. 343-422 FIELDS, PARTICLES, AND NUCLEI Modification of the Energy Functional for Nuclei Near the Nucleon Stability Boundary É. E. Saperstein and S. V. Tolokonnikov pp. 343-346 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) Observation of Deep Subbarrier Resonances in 232Th Fission A. A. Alekseev, A. A. Bergman, A. N. Volkov, A. A. Goverdovskii, O. N. Goncharenko, A. D. Perekrestenko, B. F. Samylin, A. M. Trufanov, and B. I. Fursov pp. 347-348 Full Text: PDF (37 kB) Comment on the Proper QCD String Dynamics in a Heavy–Light System A. V. Nefediev pp. 349-351 Full Text: PDF (41 kB) NONLINEAR DYNAMICS Statistical Reconstruction of the Quantum States of Three-Level Optical Systems Yu. I. Bogdanov, L. A. Krivitsky, and S. P. Kulik pp. 352-357 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Study of the Instabilities of Collisionless Systems on the Basis of Stochastic Trajectories V. A. Vshivkov, S. A. Nikitin, and V. N. Snytnikov pp. 358-362 Full Text: PDF (316 kB) PLASMA, GASES On Kbeta Radiation of Ar16+ Ions in Coronal Plasma F. F. Goryaev, A. M. Urnov, G. Bertschinger, A. G. Marchuk, H.- J. Kunze, and J. Dubau pp. 363-368 Full Text: PDF (85 kB) CONDENSED MATTER Maximal Supercurrent of a Josephson Junction in a Field of Magnetic Particles A. V. Samokhvalov pp. 369-373 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) X-Ray Spectroscopic Study of Stopping Dynamics for Ca6+ Ion in an Aerogel Target O. N. Rosmej, S. A. Pikuz, Jr., S. A. Magnitskii, A. Ya. Faenov, T. A. Pikuz, V. P. Efremov, A. Blazevic, and D. H. H. Hoffmann pp. 374-378 Full Text: PDF (366 kB) Geometrical Surface Vortex Pinning in Superconducting Films A. I. Kosse, Yu. E. Kuzovlev, G. G. Levchenko, Yu. V. Medvedev, A. Yu. Prokhorov, V. A. Khokhlov, and P. N. Mikheenko pp. 379-383 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) Stripes and Superconductivity in a One-Dimensional Self-Consistent Model S. I. Matveenko pp. 384-388 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) 209Bi NMR Spectrum of BiFeO3 in the Presence of Spatial Modulation of Hyperfine Fields A. A. Bush, A. A. Gippius, A. V. Zalesskii, and E. N. Morozova pp. 389-392 Full Text: PDF (59 kB) Structural Transformations in Liquid, Crystalline, and Glassy B2O3 under High Pressure V. V. Brazhkin, Y. Katayama, Y. Inamura, M. V. Kondrin, A. G. Lyapin, S. V. Popova, and R. N. Voloshin pp. 393-397 Full Text: PDF (73 kB) Physics of the Insulating Phase in Dilute Two-Dimensional Electron Gas V. M. Yakovenko and V. A. Khodel pp. 398-401 Full Text: PDF (52 kB) Nature of EPR Line Asymmetry in La0.70Ca0.25Ba0.05MnO3 D. V. Zakharov, D. G. Zverev, and V. V. Izotov pp. 402-404 Full Text: PDF (41 kB) QUANTUM INFORMATION SCIENCE Preparation of Entangled Spin States for a Free Electron and Nucleus by Resonance Laser Photoionization S. K. Sekatskii pp. 405-407 Full Text: PDF (36 kB) Atom Nanoprobe with a Single Photon V. I. Balykin pp. 408-412 Full Text: PDF (84 kB) SCIENTIFIC SUMMARIES Electron Paramagnetic Resonance in Kondo Insulators T. S. Al'tshuler and M. S. Bresler pp. 413-420 Full Text: PDF (102 kB) ERRATA Erratum: "Trapping of Plasmons in Ion Holes" [JETP Lett. 77 (12), 647 (2003)] P. K. Shukla and B. Eliasson p. 421 Full Text: PDF (10 kB) Erratum: "On the Depolarization of Ultracold Neutrons in Traps" [JETP Lett. 76 (3), 131 (2002)] Yu. N. Pokotilovski p. 422 Full Text: PDF (9 kB)
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