ePATIENT: Educational Program Advancing Training in Interprofessional Networked Treatment

SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , Effective Patient Management , Medical Professional Education , Educational Program Advancing Training in Interprofessional Networked Treatment (ePATIENT) , Electronic Medical Records , Interprofessional Networked Treatment
Effective patient management is increasingly interprofessional, involving teams of physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, and social workers. These professionals often manage shared patients through communications via an electronic medical record (EMR). Binghamton University and the University at Buffalo have introduced interprofessional training where teams of students work together on patient cases to bridge knowledge gaps between professions. In establishing this innovative interprofessional curriculum we have collectively realized a significant shortcoming of teaching tools and resources: namely, an educational EMR that effectively simulates a real-world interprofessional environment. Here, we request support to design an innovative web-based educational tool, called “ePATIENT” (Educational Program Advancing Training in Interprofessional Networked Treatment), that enables real-time interactions of interprofessional teams within a ‘virtual clinic’.
This educational electronic medical record will be used by a group of interprofessional students to work as a patient care team, effectively simulating modern healthcare workflow and communication, and preparing students to succeed in real-world environments.