Technical Physics V. 50, I. 04

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Technical Physics -- April 2005 Volume 50, Issue 4, pp. 385-530 THEORETICAL AND MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS Chaotic Synchronization of Unidirectionally Coupled Electron-Wave Media with Interacting Counterpropagating Waves A. A. Koronovskii, P. V. Popov, and A. E. Hramov pp. 385-393 Full Text: PDF (160 kB) Principles of Invariant Embedding in the Problem of Self-Sputtering of Solids V. V. Manukhin pp. 394-401 Full Text: PDF (104 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATION Ionization of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water, and Carbon Dioxide Molecules by Near-Threshold Electron Impact A. N. Zavilopulo, F. F. Chipev, and O. B. Shpenik pp. 402-407 Full Text: PDF (85 kB) GASES AND LIQUIDS Impact of the External Energy Supply to the Shock Layer Region on the Shock Wave Parameters V. Yu. Golyatin, V. V. Kuchinskii, and V. S. Sukhomlinov pp. 408-414 Full Text: PDF (96 kB) Computer-Aided Processing of Optical Measurements in Aeroballistic Experiment V. A. Sakharov and E. A. Tropp pp. 415-420 Full Text: PDF (147 kB) GAS DISCHARGES, PLASMA Saturation Current Densities at the Critical Point of a Spherical Probe in a Moving Collisional Plasma with Negative Ions or Dust Grains A. V. Kashevarov pp. 421-426 Full Text: PDF (72 kB) Ion Emission from a Hollow-Cathode Discharge with the Plasma Penetrating into the High-Voltage Acceleration Gap A. P. Semenov pp. 427-433 Full Text: PDF (99 kB) Hollow-Cathode Magnetron Discharge as a Generator of Charged Particles A. P. Semenov and I. A. Semenova pp. 434-438 Full Text: PDF (150 kB) Formation of Compression Shocks in a Nonequilibrium Plasma Flow in a Magnetic Field A. V. Erofeev, R. V. Vasil'eva, T. A. Lapushkina, and S. A. Ponyaev pp. 439-446 Full Text: PDF (208 kB) Townsend Coefficient and Efficiency of the Formation of Runaway Electrons in Neon A. N. Tkachev, A. A. Fedenev, and S. I. Yakovlenko pp. 447-454 Full Text: PDF (112 kB) Microwave Discharge on the Surface of a Dielectric Antenna V. M. Shibkov, A. P. Ershov, V. A. Chernikov, and L. V. Shibkova pp. 455-461 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) Mechanisms of Microwave Surface Discharge Propagation V. M. Shibkov, S. A. Dvinin, A. P. Ershov, and L. V. Shibkova pp. 462-467 Full Text: PDF (167 kB) Three-Chamber Low-Output-Pressure Glow-Discharge-Based Plasma Generator as a Negatively Charged Ion Source P. A. Litvinov, V. A. Baturin, A. Yu. Karpenko, S. A. Pustovoitov, and S. A. Eremin pp. 468-472 Full Text: PDF (75 kB) SOLIDS Investigation of the Cation Distribution in Perovskite-Like Oxides with Mössbauer Spectroscopy L. D. Zaripova, N. V. Boltakova, A. A. Valiullin, and Sh. Sh. Bashkirov pp. 473-478 Full Text: PDF (93 kB) Effect of the Conditions of Dynamic Nanoindentation on the Strain-Rate Sensitivity of Hardness for Solids with Different Structures Yu. I. Golovin, A. I. Tyurin, and V. V. Khlebnikov pp. 479-483 Full Text: PDF (95 kB) RADIOPHYSICS Interaction of Electromagnetic Waves with Iron–Chromium Multilayer Nanostructures V. V. Ustinov, A. B. Rinkevich, and L. N. Romashev pp. 484-490 Full Text: PDF (95 kB) ELECTRON AND ION BEAMS, ACCELERATORS Kinetic Approach to the Envelope Equation for a Relativistic Electron Beam Propagating through a Scattering Gas–Plasma Medium in the Presence of the Reverse Plasma Current with an Arbitrary Radial Profile A. S. Manuilov pp. 491-497 Full Text: PDF (85 kB) SURFACE, ELECTRON AND ION EMISSION Thermally Stimulated Desorption of Na+ and Cs+ Ions from a NaAu Alloy Film Grown on Au M. V. Knat'ko, M. N. Lapushkin, and V. I. Paleev pp. 498-502 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) EXPERIMENTAL INSTRUMENTS AND TECHNIQUES Setup Parameters Controlling the Growth Rate of Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Layers in a Vacuum S. Yu. Davydov, A. A. Lebedev, N. S. Savkina, and A. A. Volkova pp. 503-507 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) SHORT COMMUNICATIONS Townsend Coefficient and Runaway of Electrons at Relativistic Velocities A. N. Tkachev and S. I. Yakovlenko pp. 508-512 Full Text: PDF (72 kB) Angular Splitting of the Bragg Diffraction Order in an Acoustooptical Modulator Due to a Frequency-Modulated Acoustic Wave S. N. Antonov pp. 513-516 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) Effect of Discharge Incorporation into a Solid Insulator Immersed in an Insulating Fluid G. A. Vorob'ev pp. 517-519 Full Text: PDF (58 kB) Ferromagnetic Resonance in Epitaxial Films of Uniaxial Barium Hexaferrites I. V. Zavislyak, V. I. Kostenko, T. G. Chamor, and L. V. Chevnyuk pp. 520-522 Full Text: PDF (42 kB) Linear Frequency-Modulated Pulse Compressor Based on a Three-Mirror Ring Cavity Yu. Yu. Danilov, S. V. Kuzikov, V. G. Pavel'ev, Yu. I. Koshurinov, and D. Yu. Shchegol'kov pp. 523-525 Full Text: PDF (44 kB) Effect of Surface Properties on the Shear Wave Parameters V. V. Dudko, A. A. Yushkanov, and Yu. I. Yalamov pp. 526-527 Full Text: PDF (35 kB) Radiation Resistance of Advanced GaAs MESFETs E. V. Kiselyova, M. A. Kitaev, S. V. Obolensky, V. T. Trofimov, and V. A. Kozlov pp. 528-530 Full Text: PDF (43 kB)
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