Technical Physics Letters V. 23, I. 06

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Technical Physics Letters
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Technical Physics Letters -- June 1997 Volume 23, Issue 6, pp. 415-494 ZnGeP2 heterocontact with layered III-VI semiconductors V. Yu. Rud' and Yu. V. Rud' Full Text: PDF (37 kB) Spatial anisotropy of anomalous acoustic damping and thermal conductivity in La2MCuO4 high-temperature superconductors S. V. Gushchin Full Text: PDF (51 kB) Acceleration of the wall of a conducting cylinder undergoing thermal expansion in a strong magnetic field G. A. Shneerson Full Text: PDF (86 kB) Synthesis of a Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oy high-temperature superconducting phase with Tc[degree] above 100 K Zh. M. Tomilo, N. A. Prytkova, E. M. Gololobov, and D. M. Turtsevich Full Text: PDF (57 kB) Direct photodesorption of ions from the surface of a crystal V. N. Strekalov Full Text: PDF (50 kB) Magnetic hysteresis and dissipative losses in superconducting films A. A. Elistratov and I. L. Maksimov Full Text: PDF (73 kB) Long-term relaxation of the photovoltage in a heteroepitaxial structure L. V. Shekhovtsov, G. N. Semenova, E. F. Venger, A. V. Sachenko, and Yu. G. Sadof'ev Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Fresnel vector diffraction integral Sh. D. Kakichashvili Full Text: PDF (115 kB) Influence of the magnetic self-field on the formation of a cathode plasma jet in steady-state vacuum arcs I. A. Krinberg and E. A. Zverev Full Text: PDF (82 kB) Local polarization reversal in LiNbO3 crystals S. O. Fregatov and A. B. Sherman Full Text: PDF (140 kB) Hysteresis of the current-voltage characteristics of porous-silicon light-emitting structures A. N. Laptev, A. V. Prokaznikov, and N. A. Rud' Full Text: PDF (62 kB) Pinning of planar vortices in a three-dimensional Josephson medium and the applicability of the Bean model M. A. Zelikman Full Text: PDF (40 kB) Electroluminescence and current–voltage characteristics of n-type porous silicon structures É. Yu. Buchin, N. A. Laptev, A. V. Prokaznikov, N. A. Rud', V. B. Svetovoi, and A. N. Chirkov Full Text: PDF (52 kB) Electronic properties of microporous silicon under illumination and with the adsorption of ammonia Yu. A. Vashpanov Full Text: PDF (39 kB) Polycrystalline silicon films doped with aluminum during deposition D. V. Shengurov Full Text: PDF (302 kB) Method of monitoring the shape of an atomic force (tunneling) microscope tip using backscattering spectrometry G. V. Dedkov and S. Sh. Rekhviashvili Full Text: PDF (59 kB) Dry etching of aluminum nitride by an ion beam D. M. Demidov, R. V. Leus, and V. P. Chalyi Full Text: PDF (92 kB) Functional properties of silicon/non-native-oxide heterostructures E. A. Tutov, S. V. Ryabtsev, and E. N. Bormontov Full Text: PDF (62 kB) Solitons in disperse systems with electric double layers E. G. Fateev Full Text: PDF (159 kB) Appearance of molecular hydrogen in the ultraviolet spectra of diamond-like carbon B. R. Namozov, É. A. Smorgonskaya, M. P. Korobkov, and V. I. Ivanov-Omskii Full Text: PDF (57 kB) Energy transitions in CuIn(Te,Se)2 chalcopyrite films near the fundamental absorption edge V. V. Kindyak, A. S. Kindyak, and Ya. I. Latushko Full Text: PDF (66 kB) Surface light waves on the boundary of a photorefractive crystal with a diffusion-drift nonlinearity mechanism V. N. Belyi and N. A. Khilo Full Text: PDF (80 kB) Fullerenes as the imaging element of the tip of an atomic force microscope G. V. Dedkov Full Text: PDF (480 kB) Analytic model for the lowering of the ionization potentials of atoms and ions in a collisional plasma S. I. Anisimov and Yu. V. Petrov Full Text: PDF (90 kB) Silicon metal-dielectric-semiconductor varicaps with an yttrium oxide dielectric V. A. Rozhkov and A. Yu. Trusova Full Text: PDF (54 kB) Superheating of YBa2Cu3O7 – x thin-film microbridges O. V. Matyunina and A. V. Pogrebnyakov Full Text: PDF (76 kB) Bolometric properties of silicon thin-film structures fabricated by plasmachemical vapor-phase deposition V. Yu. Zerov, Yu. V. Kulikov, V. G. Malyarov, N. A. Feoktistov, and I. A. Khrebtov Full Text: PDF (59 kB) Interaction between a ferromagnet and a high-temperature superconductor at the interface in thin-film heterostructures C. V. Yakovlev, L. A. Kalyuzhnaya, G. A. Nikolaichuk, T. A. Krylova, and B. M. Lebed' Full Text: PDF (50 kB) Superconducting fast detector based on the nonequilibrium inductance response of a film of niobium nitride E. M. Men'shchikov, I. G. Gogidze, A. V. Sergeev, A. I. Elant'ev, P. B. Kuminov, G. N. Gol'tsman, and E. M. Gershenzon Full Text: PDF (86 kB) Simulation of impact-induced generation of hypersonic phonons and the resonance principle of activation of the compaction of nanopowders V. V. Pokropivnyi, V. V. Skorokhod, A. V. Pokropivnyi, and Yu. G. Krasnikov Full Text: PDF (2008 kB) Effects of nonlocality on the dynamics of streamers in positive corona discharges G. V. Naidis Full Text: PDF (50 kB)
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