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Blythers, Marcus
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In this session, Marcus Blythers will tell his personal story and the story of many that have had to deal with racism. Through this session we will discover precise definitions of racism and how it can be blatant and then very deceiving. We also will dive into the origins of racism and why this problem even exists. This workshop will present the struggles that plague our society to this day. Using his background in sport management, he will dive into racism in sports and management positions and find a common denominator on both sides. The discussion will explore solutions and how we personally can help stop this pledge. The only way to change the world is to affect change ourselves. Participants are asked to bring an open mind and respectful options. Sesssion Goals and Outcomes To teach about racism and how it affects our society as a whole by the barriers it puts up, and how it can hold back individuals from their true potential. Provide an open dialog: "You learn the most about something when you talk about it in a group and get everyone’s ideas." Start to change personas. If I can reach one person with this session I have stirred up that questioning spirit and sooner or later it’s going to get passed to the next person and then the next. Presenter Marcus Blythers, Undergraduate Sport Management Major, The College at Brockport
Marcus Blythers earned an associate’s degree in sport management from Monroe Community College. He is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in sport management at The College at Brockport. He is commitment to making a difference in the lives of young and leaving his mark on everything he touches. He donates his time to community youth sports and outreach programs. He mentors young African American and Latino boys on making the right choices and focusing on their goals and dreams. Mr. Blythers' future plans are to work for the NBA as an operations leader.
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