Home is Where the Heart is

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Profit-Reinbald, Brittany
Abstract: Just 20 years ago, the Merriam Webster Dictionary defined family as “One or two parents and their children who are a fundamental social group in society.” As times have changed so has the definition; today’s family is defined as, “A group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head.” “Home is Where the Heart is” has become a body of work inspired by my childhood. Primarily raised by my grandparents, I learned from an early age that the family unit isn’t always as it seems. I learned to accept diversity, or more importantly, not question it at all. I never thought twice about the possibility of my family life seeming “strange” to those on the outside; not once did I ever feel different or at a disadvantage from not being raised by my biological mother and father. In my mind, I was loved unconditionally and cared for with nothing but encouragement and support and that was all I could or would have ever needed. It became very important to me to showcase today’s family unit and the array of diversity it holds. Throughout this photo series you will be introduced to families with single mothers, single fathers, same sex parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, families with adopted children, and blended families, as well as a traditional nuclear family, as I feel this type of home is quickly becoming extinct in today’s age, therefore tackling diversity in its own form. Presenter: Brittany Profit-Rheinbald was born and raised in Mansfield, OH and has resided in Rochester, NY since 2007. After a lengthy teaching career, she decided to follow her true passion and began studying art with a concentration in photography, earning a BS in Art with a concentration in Photography from The College at Brockport (2013). Brittany also received an associate’s degree from Monroe Community College in Adolescent Education (2011), a BA in Sports Psychology from the University of Tampa (2004) and a MS in Sports Psychology from The Ohio State University (2006). Brittany’s work focuses on family dynamics.