The Lieder of Mathilde von Kralik, newly discovered

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Fahy, Sean
George, Donald
Mathilde von Kralik (1857-1944) was a late 19th/ early 20th century composer from The Austrian Empire. Her extraordinary musical gifts enabled her to be accepted into the Vienna Conservatory; one of the first women to be so honored. She was in a class of 10 which included the Gustav Mahler and had Anton Bruckner as a teacher. She composed a large oeuvre of vocal, piano, instrumental and organ works including an opera, symphonies and oratorios. In her songs she had the ability to write a captivating melodic line and intricate accompaniment comparable to Mahler or Richard Strauss. Because of political events due to WWII, the dissolution of the Austrian Empire, the loss of the family possessions, titles, properties and her being a woman her music has all but disappeared. I will be transcribing her music from hand written manuscripts to an electronic music notation software. The nine pieces that I will be focusing on are Abends (Evenings) Sonntag (Sunday) Mondennacht (Moon Night) and the two songs in Vier Lieder which are Liebe (Love) and Schiffe (Ships). The first two songs are from the Austrian National Library in Vienna, received with permission from her great nephew Rochus von Kralik. The Fünf Lieder were only recently received by Herr von Kralik along with the song Mondennacht from present day Czech Republic (where the family had lived). The songs are dedicated to Baroness Amalie Strummer von Tavarnok ( formerly Bohemia) who possessed the castle in Miroslav and was friends with Mathilde von Kralik. Mr. Vladimir Sobotka had inherited the music from his grandfather and sent it to Herr von Kralik. With this extraordinary circuit of happenstance I will transcribe this music for the 21st century in addition to a performance of the songs at SUNY Potsdam, The Crane School of Music.