Advocacy for Decolonization and Human Rights: Drafting an Anticolonial Human Rights Platform around the United Nations Conference on International Organization

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Brown, Myron
This presentation examines the efforts of Richard B. Moore of the West Indies National Council (WINC) to advocate on behalf of a human rights-based anticolonial agenda at the 1945 United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) in San Francisco which established the United Nations. Although the WINC was not an official UNCIO consultant, Moore formulated an ambitious human rights anticolonial agenda through The Appeal to the United Nations Conference on International Organization on Behalf of the Caribbean Peoples and in various speeches he gave during unofficial sessions that took place outside of but outside the conference. While Moore was pushing his anticolonial agenda outside the conference, inside the conference Brigadier General Carlos P. Romulo, the Philippians delegate, was pushing for the inclusion of the word “independence” in the section of the United Nations Charter which pertained to dependent territories. Romulo’s efforts galvanized activists like Moore but ultimately their advocacy efforts had little-to-no effect on the UN’s commitment to decolonization.
Keywords: United Nations Conference on International Organization; Richard B. Moore; Carlos Romulo; Charles Petioni: UNCIO; West Indies National Council; Human Rights; Anticolonialism; United Nations Charter History Panel Presentation