Los empeÇños de un acaso, comedia de Don Pedro CalderÇün de la Barca. EdiciÇün crÇðtica y estudio introductorio.

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Galofaro, Manuel Sebastian
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This dissertation consists of a critical edition and introductory study of a ¶®cloak and dagger¶¯ comedy by Pedro CalderÇün de la Barca. The play selected for edition is Los empeÇños de un acaso, contained in the Sexta Parte of CalderÇün's comedies. The edition consists of an introduction, a textual study, a bibliographic section, the edited text, a list of variants and an index of textual notes. The introductory study revolves around the definition and evolution of the ¶®cloak and dagger¶¯ subgenre; questions of authorship and comic nature; plot, characters and their adventures; dramatic, scenic and textual aspects; influence on other works; and poetic meter. The textual study comprises a description, analysis and stemma of the sources for the play, followed by the editing criteria. The bibliographic section includes both a selected bibliography and a list of abreviations. The edited text includes footnotes that clarify meanings and supply additional samples of the clarified expressions. A list of variants follows, identifying the readings that differ from the selected text; this list of variants and the grouping of sources in families of variants is essential in the construction of the stemma of sources included in the textual study section. Finally, a list of textual footnotes completes the edition of the play. This edition raises important questions relating to the play and its author within the framework of the comic genre. Some of the critics see this subgenre as one of tragic nature, whereas another critical group defends its comic tone. The intention of my study is to support this second view and contribute to a more ample consideration of CalderÇün as a polyvalent author. The second issue is that of attribution: CalderÇün's authorship has been disputed by a number of critics who ascribe the play to Juan PǸrez de MontalbÇ­n. I argue that CalderÇün was indeed the author of Los empeÇños de un acaso. I also focus on the use of conventional themes like the adventures and misfortunes of the lovers and the interaction of forces like ¶®love¶¯ and ¶®code of honor¶¯ to thicken the plot and create dramatic tension.
The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY.
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