Investigating and developing online tools for scholarly communication

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Myers, Kim
Oyer, Julie
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , Faculty/Librarian Collaboration , Innovative Organizational Partnerships
The research cycle of discovery, analysis, writing, publication, outreach and assessment, known as scholarly communication, is changing rapidly. Across SUNY, individual campuses have taken steps to explore this field, including an IITG to explore open textbook publishing, the 2015 University Faculty Senate Resolution 170-04-1 - on Open Access Publications, and several Conversations in the Disciplines conferences to discuss individual topics. This project will survey the SUNY environment to create a network of those involved in scholarly communication. The goal is to create closer alignment and deeper partnerships for librarians and faculty in pursuing scholarly research, grants and publication. It will use the resources of the Association of College and Research Library (ACRL) Scholarly Communication Initiative to provide a workshop on Scholarly Communication: From Understanding to Engagement for SUNY. Finally, this project will explore these opportunities within the larger framework of Open SUNY and more explicitly, incorporate many aspects of Inquiry and Engagement as found in the SUNY Excels Performance Framework for Access, Success, Completion, Inquiry and Engagement (ASCIE).
The IITG Project Report was not available.