Image Alive - Using Theatre-Based Techniques to Foster Dialogue About Identity and Oppression

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Beckwith, Jodi
Roberts, Allison
Intersectionality is a complex issue that provokes strong emotions. Through participation in theatre-based activities, participants will learn how interactive theatre can be used to raise awareness, engage diverse perspectives, promote empathy, and foster respectful dialogue about identity and oppression. Participants will reflect on their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences and will leave with a visceral understanding of how these techniques work to create unique opportunities for honest conversation and alliance-building. GOAL/OUTCOME #1 Participants will learn how theatre-based techniques can be used to raise awareness and engage diverse perspectives GOAL/OUTCOME #2 Participants will learn how theatre-based techniques can be used to promote empathy and build alliances between individuals both from and within diverse groups GOAL/OUTCOME #3 Participants will engage in several theatre-based activities and will leave with step-by-step instructions for how to lead them with groups of their own
Jodi Beckwith, Co-Founder and Director, Impact Interactive, LLC Jodi Beckwith is an experienced educator, actor, director and facilitator who has been designing and implementing theatre-based training for over 20 years. She has provided professional development, conducted residencies, and trained professionals in education, medicine, and law enforcement. In 1996, Ms. Beckwith created the Education Through Drama Program at Planned Parenthood of Rochester, using interactive drama to help young people problem-solve around health and sexuality issues. She also performs locally in commercials, videos, and on many Rochester stages. She has a BS in human development and family studies from Cornell University, and an MA in educational theatre from NYU. Allison Roberts, Co-Founder and Director, Impact Interactive, LLC Allison Roberts has 15 years of experience working as a trainer, teaching artist, performance educator, and co-facilitator, covering topics such as diversity, sexual harassment, and workplace conflict for both corporate and not-for-profit organizations. She has taught visual arts, improv, acting, and job readiness skills to at-risk youth and students with special needs. She is also an accomplished actor, visual artist and writer. Ms. Roberts performs in local theater productions, short films and commercials, and is the founder, producer and a script-writer for the comedy troupe, EstroFest, which has been running in Rochester for over 15 years.