Cherishing This Heritage

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Dedman, W. Wayne
College At Brockport , Village Of Brockport , History
A comprehensive and scholarly study of the college at Brockport NY.
This substantial and scholarly study of the history of the College at Brockport was written by Professor Dedman in the late 1960s as part of observing the centennial of the school having become a state institution. Dedman covers in detail the early history of the college as a private academy in the period 1835-1867, and then its growth from Normal school to Teachers college to comprehensive liberal arts college over the century from 1867-1967. He gives a comprehensive study available of the school, the faculty, curriculum, student life and much more, drawing heavily on the extensive historical records of the school. Dedman also gives some excellent history of the village of Brockport, the development of which is closely linked to that of the college.