Universal dance folio for piano No. 7

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Irving Berlin Inc.
Dance music. , Piano music, Arranged. , Popular music--1921-1930.
Contents: Sittin' in a corner (fox trot) / Kahn/Meyer -- An orange grove in California (fox trot) / Berlin -- Lovey came back (fox trot) / Young/Lewis/Handman -- The waltz of long ago (waltz) / Berlin -- You (fox trot) / Wohlman/Cooper -- Little butterfly (fox trot) / Berlin -- If I can't get the sweetie I want (I pity the sweetie I get) (fox trot) / Young/Young/Schwartz -- Tell all the folks in Kentucky (I'm comin' home) (fox trot) / Berlin -- Oh, baby! (don't say no, say may be) (one step) / De Silva/Donaldson -- (I love my) chili bom bom (one step) / Friend/Donaldson -- Just one kind word (one step) / Sullivan/Greenwald/Gabriel -- I love the girl who kisses (I hate the girl who don't) (fox trot) / Wolf/Haden -- Dancin' Dan (fox trot) / Tracey/Stanley -- Since when (have you been low-downing me) (fox trot) / Jackson -- You darling you (fox trot) / Brockman -- Kokomo (fox trot) / Gerber/Dreyer -- What could be sweeter (fox trot) / Kahn/Panico/Jones -- Roamin' to Wyomin' (fox trot) / Clare/Donaldson -- Don't forget to remember (fox trot) / Fisher/Burke -- Bit by bit you're breaking my heart (fox trot) / Kahn/Bloom -- Cruel daddy blues (fox trot) / Byrmn/Smith/Stegel -- All wrong (fox trot) / Kahn/Martin/Jones -- I can't realize you're gone (waltz) / Kahn/Meyer -- Forever (waltz) / Billings/Cohen -- Struttin' blues (fox trot) / Brymn/Smith/Siegel -- Papa don't stop (while you are dancing with me) (fox trot) / White/White -- Comin' thru' the blues (fox trot) / Valsey/Clark/Gott -- That's got 'em blues (fox trot) / Bonner -- Moonlight and roses (waltz) / De Slyva/Donaldson -- Italian smiles (waltz) / West/Glogau -- I don't care who cares (waltz) / Edwards
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