Mapping: Framework for Diversity Assessment

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Aponte, Carmen
Goverts, Claire
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The impetus for diversity initiatives and commitment should align with institutional demands for assessment and outcomes measures. In this regard, a preliminary overview of tools to assess the multifaceted diversity initiatives for mapping institutional diversity efforts is needed (Hurtado & Halualani, 2014). The “Self-Assessment Rubric for Institutionalization of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions in Higher Education” can provide a road map for assessing campus-wide diversity initiatives (NERCH E). Similar to using grading rubrics for measuring educational outcomes, this self-assessment model provides a rubric to examine the following dimensions: 1) Philosophy and Mission of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; 2) Faculty Support and Involvement; 3) Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Research; 4) Staff Engagement and Involvement; 5) Student Support and Involvement; and 6) Administrative Leadership and Institutional Support. For the purpose of this workshop dimensions 1 & 5 will be used to demonstrate how this self-assessment rubric can assist in creating base-line measures, identify areas of strength and areas to further develop a diversity agenda. The goal of this rubric is to move towards “… a campus (that) has fully woven diversity, inclusion and equity into its institutional fabric … “(Diaz & Kirmmse, 2013) rather than make diversity a stand-alone effort. GOAL/OUTCOME #1 To introduce the “Self-Assessment Rubric for Institutionalization of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions in Higher Education” as a developmental model for assessment where a set of components are used for comparative features for baseline measures. GOAL/OUTCOME #2 To overview campus-wide diversity initiatives and assessment tools. GOAL/OUTCOME #3 To stimulate discussion on possible best practices for assessing diversity initiatives.
Carmen Aponte, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, The College at Brockport Dr. Carmen Aponte is a faculty member of the Department of Social Work. She has developed courses and teaches in the areas of multiculturalism and research. As a researcher, she has worked on tools for assessing cultural competency in human services and education. She is actively involved with the College’s initiatives in diversity and assessment. She is chair of the department’s assessment committee, serves on the Diversity Planning Committee and served on the campus climate assessment task force. Claire Goverts, Assistant Director, Institutional Research + Analysis, The College at Brockport Claire Goverts has been in Institutional Research for over 10 years. When she started at The College at Brockport she joined a variety of committees, mostly focusing on assessment / Institutional Effectiveness. She has chaired / co-chaired the Assessment Subcommittee of the President’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion (PCDI) for four years along with being a member of the PCDI.
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