Astronomy Reports V. 47, I. 11

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Astronomy Reports
Astronomy Reports -- November 2003 Volume 47, Issue 11, pp. 889-973 Spectral Observations of the Symbiotic Mira Variable V407 Cyg in 1993–2002 A. A. Tatarnikova, P. M. Marrese, U. Munari, T. Tomov, and B. F. Yudin pp. 889-902 Full Text: PDF (400 kB) Spectra, Optical Identifications, and Statistics of a Complete Sample of Radio Sources at Declinations 10°–12° 30[prime] A. G. Gorshkov, V. K. Konnikova, and M. G. Mingaliev pp. 903-915 Full Text: PDF (280 kB) Evidence for the Prolonged Existence of >100 MeV Solar Protons in Coronal Structures A. B. Struminskii pp. 916-924 Full Text: PDF (188 kB) Global Repeating Events in the History of the Earth and the Motion of the Sun in the Galaxy G. N. Goncharov and V. V. Orlov pp. 925-933 Full Text: PDF (209 kB) Large-scale Dimmings Produced by Solar Coronal Mass Ejections According to SOHO/EIT Data in Four EUV Lines I. M. Chertok and V. V. Grechnev pp. 934-945 Full Text: PDF (556 kB) Quasi-periodic Line-of-Sight Velocity Variations at the Bases of Polar Coronal Holes N. I. Kobanov and D. V. Makarchik pp. 946-952 Full Text: PDF (368 kB) Global Solar Magnetology and Reference Points of the Solar Cycle V. N. Obridko and B. D. Shelting pp. 953-962 Full Text: PDF (395 kB) Characteristics of Motions in the 2D Isosceles Three-Body Problem with Unequal Masses V. V. Orlov and A. I. Martynova pp. 963-973 Full Text: PDF (356 kB)