Low Temperature Physics V. 30, I. 09

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Low Temperature Physics
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Low Temperature Physics -- September 2004 Volume 30, Issue 9, pp. 667-744 Jahn–Teller effect in quasi-two-dimensional doped cuprate antiferromagnets and underdoped high-Tc superconductors (Review) G. G. Sergeeva and A. A. Soroka Full Text: PDF (267 kB) QUANTUM LIQUIDS AND QUANTUM CRYSTALS Heat capacity of cylindrically confined helium: theoretical predictions versus experimental data K. A. Chalyy Full Text: PDF (79 kB) Classification of the equilibrium states of a superfluid liquid with d pairing A. P. Ivashin, M. Y. Kovalevsky, and N. N. Chekanova Full Text: PDF (100 kB) Unified equation of state of 3He–4He liquid mixtures over the whole concentration range at temperatures of 2.25–4.2 K and pressures up to 10 MPa R. M. Sibileva, L. V. Karnatsevich, M. A. Khazhmuradov, and A. V. Meriuz Full Text: PDF (54 kB) LOW-TEMPERATURE MAGNETISM Features of the low-temperature magnetic-field-induced order–order transitions in alloys of the system Fea–xMnxAs with a<=1.6 S. K. Asadov, V. I. Val'kov, E. A. Zavadskii, V. I. Kamenev, and B. M. Todris Full Text: PDF (85 kB) Magnetic and transport properties controlled by structural disorder in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 films V. G. Prokhorov, V. A. Komashko, G. G. Kaminsky, V. L. Svetchnikov, Y. P. Lee, and S. Y. Park Full Text: PDF (478 kB) Electronic mechanism of structural phase transitions in manganese arsenide V. I. Val'kov and A. V. Golovchan Full Text: PDF (184 kB) Spectrum of dynamic magnetic susceptibility of a randomized f–d magnet with spin–lattice coupling. I. Shift of the magnetic resonance frequencies A. B. Beznosov and E. S. Orel Full Text: PDF (129 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL AND DISORDERED SYSTEMS To the theory of spin–charge separation in one-dimensional correlated electron systems A. A. Zvyagin Full Text: PDF (48 kB) Low-temperature features of thermodynamics of an open isotropic Heisenberg chain A. A. Zvyagin and A. V. Makarova Full Text: PDF (50 kB) SHORT NOTES Current oscillations and N-shaped current–voltage characteristic in the manganite Sm1–xSrxMnO3 I. K. Kamilov, K. M. Aliev, Kh. O. Ibragimov, and N. S. Abakarova Full Text: PDF (49 kB) Stochastic dynamics of nuclear magnetization in ferromagnets L. L. Chotorlishvili and V. M. Ckhvaradze Full Text: PDF (164 kB) LETTER TO THE EDITOR Size-induced structural transformations in argon clusters with a fivefold symmetry axis O. G. Danylchenko, S. I. Kovalenko, and V. N. Samovarov Full Text: PDF (25 kB)
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