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    • History of History in Fredonia 

      Hibbert, Erin (2022-05-17)
    • Restructuring the Accomplishments of Women in 19th Century Academies 

      Torres, Nala; (SUNY Fredonia, 2022-05-17)
    • Small-town Sexism 

      Suri, Maria (SUNY Fredonia, 2022-05-19)
    • Fredonia Academy History 

      Martin, Christian (SUNY Fredonia, 2022-05-20)
    • Normal School Commencement Dresses (1897 & 1913) 

      Brooks, Kaili (SUNY Fredonia, 2022-12)
      These two samples of women's graduation attire at the turn of the century reveal fascinating aspects of the lives of rural women, and the differences between them provide us with physical evidence of how their lifestyles ...
    • Irene Romaine's Scrapbook 

      Brooks, Kaili (SUNY Fredonia, 2022-12)
      Irene Romaine’s scrapbook is a collection of memorabilia and diary-like entries that reveal details about the life of a woman on the Fredonia Normal School campus. Irene composed this scrapbook throughout her junior and ...
    • Commencement Bells - Class of 1900 Yearbook 

      Peterman, Zackary (SUNY Fredonia, 2022-12)
      While not always existing to commemorate the traditional American school events that have become more and more popular within recent years, yearbooks have been an integral part of the history of education since their ...
    • Fredonia State Normal School Catalog - 1937 

      Peterman, Zackary (SUNY Fredonia, 2022-12)
      The State Normal School: Fredonia, NY catalog was published and created by New York State in 1937 and acted as a basic information source for potential future students. While the catalog focuses on informing the reader ...
    • Normal School Clock and Bell System - 1937 

      Ferris, Dillon (SUNY Fredonia, 2022-12)
      Installed in the building in 1937, this clock was one of many secondary clocks installed throughout the building, controlled by a master clock in the main office, and provides insight into the changing education landscape ...