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    • Tibor Baranksi Interview 

      Baranksi, Tibor (Wallenberg Committee, 1987-05-03)
      This interview is in two parts; an interview with Tibor Baranski by Sharon Wallenberg, and a presentation by Baranski to the Jamestown Community College Forum . The interview discusses Baranski's experiences growing up as ...
    • Trudy Marx Friedler Transcript 

      Marx Friedler, Trudy (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 1986)
      Gertrude Friedler tells of her time as a Jewish child of a single mother living in a Jewish orphanage when the Germans marched into Austria in 1938, and her experience of growing up during World War II. She describes her ...
    • The Wallenberg Story 

      Back, Toby (Wallenberg Committee, 1986-03-15)
      Wallenberg was a man who felt a connection to the Jewish people. He risked his life by providing 30 safe houses in the ghetto, following death marches to give victims aid, and providing food, protection, and shelter to the ...