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dc.contributor.authorGrimmer, Nick, '05; Publisher
dc.contributor.authorSwann, John, G'02; Editor
dc.contributor.authorBenz, Dan; Production
dc.contributor.authorBrowne, Lynne, ’04, G 14; Production
dc.contributor.authorDellecese, Dave; Production
dc.contributor.authorGlass, Kristin, G'11; Production
dc.contributor.authorKerwin, Courtney, '15; Production
dc.contributor.authorKopytowski, Matthew; Production
dc.contributor.authorPeck, Mary Ann; Production
dc.descriptionThe Bridge is published by the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association to keep you informed of campus activities and news.en_US
dc.subjectinnovation challengeen_US
dc.subjectDr. Peter Vincent Pry ’76en_US
dc.subjectprotecting infrastructureen_US
dc.subjectAmy Mlynarczyk ’13en_US
dc.subjectJohn Siedman ’12en_US
dc.subjectSteve Bulger G’13en_US
dc.subjectKids Oneidaen_US
dc.subjectFIRST Robotics Competitionen_US
dc.subjectUnni Pillaien_US
dc.subjectIrwin Ramirezen_US
dc.subjectNew York City Marathonen_US
dc.subjectCommencement 2015en_US
dc.subjectRyan Lizardien_US
dc.subjectMediated Nostalgia: Individual Memory and Contemporary Mass Mediaen_US
dc.subjectWilliam “Amos” Conferen_US
dc.subjectWilliam Robertsen_US
dc.subjectExploring SE for Androiden_US
dc.subjectLena Bertoneen_US
dc.subjectBehind This Mirroren_US
dc.subjectLetters to the Devilen_US
dc.subjectAACSB International reaccreditationen_US
dc.subject2014-15 Wildcat Athletics Season Year in Reviewen_US
dc.subjectClass Notesen_US
dc.titleThe Bridge - Fall 2015en_US

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  • The Bridge [29]
    The Bridge is the alumni magazine, featuring up-to-date information about SUNY Poly and upcoming events for alumni.

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