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dc.description.abstractGope Board of classical form, made from a slightly bowed piece of hardwood, possibly the bottom or gunwale of a war canoe; and carved in relief with depictions of a central face beneath a geometric upper register, with a stylized body below, in classical style for the region. Originally from the area between the Era River, Purari Delta and Urama region. The board shows age and use, with pigments in brick-red, black and white. This board presents a classically carved face with unusual pigmentation on the lower half of the board. This is likely due to repeated paintings, or to an esoteric use for the board.
dc.subjectGope Board
dc.subjectSpirit Boards
dc.subjectPapua New Guinea
dc.subjectDaniel Munzert
dc.subjectJames Wasserstrom
dc.titlePapuan Gulf Spirit Board 14
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitlePapuan Gulf Spirit Boards

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