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dc.descriptionSigned 05/16/2019 by President Macpherson - No effective date Proposal number - 38_18-19GC
dc.description.abstractThe Department of Public Health & Health Education proposes to submit a letter of intent to SUNY to initiate an MPH in Public Health Education. This program will replace the MSEd in Community Health Education, but will utilize the identical curriculum. The community/public health education curriculum prepares students to work in the field of public health as public health educators. The MPS is the appropriate degree to award for this training and is the degree that is recognized as the "industry standard" for the public health workforce. Thus, this degree will be more attractive to potential students and will make our graduates more marketable and competitive in the public health job market. This, in turn, produces more public health workers for our communities, which are in desperate need of increased public health services and, in particular public health education services, provided by trained experts.
dc.titleChanging the MSEd in Community Health Education to an MPH in Public Health Education
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleCollege Senate Resolutions

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